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And procrastinating. I really don't feel like working on my stupid out of class midterm for Shakespeare. I mean, I know that I'm probably going to be insanely busy with Sarah this week and that I might not get it done in time. But at the same time I don't really give a damn right now.

My stomach hurts. It's because I'm hungry. I would have eaten breakfast this morning, but there wasn't food like that in our house. I didn't really feel like starting the day out with some spaghetti, so I opted out. Had a couple cups of coffee, but seeing as how that was about 3 or 4 hours ago, not really feeling the fullness of that anymore. I should go buy cereal when I get home. Mmm... Crispix.

In other news... I think my dog is going to be really mad at me when he figures out that I'm not coming back for a while. I left him inside until [ profile] cryptosporidosi comes back before to let him outside. It was way too damn cold outside to leave him out there for like 12 hours or something. Hopefullly it will have warmed up a little bit and he'll be all right. Just hope he doesn't get to mad at me in the interim. I think I will call [ profile] intravenousants tonight to let her know that he can sleep in my room at night. I have it all pretty well puppy-proof so there is a low chance of him destroying anything.

Hmm yeah... my flight was delayed like an hour because of the stupid snow. I need to call my sister when I get to Atlanta to let her know. But yeah, at least the plane took off today. The Delta website was messing with my mind last night. At one point it said my flight wasn't leaving until tomorrow. That would have been jacked!

Oooh... time for an in flight drink. Gotta go.


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