Jan. 19th, 2005

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So I'm feeling somewhat shitty right now and should probably be driving myself to Target or some other random place to get some medicine, but I haven't quite gotten around to that. I don't know where I caught whatever this virus is. All I know is that my throat hurts, my nose is running, and all the crap I keep swallowing (forgive the crassness) is making my stomach a bit upset.

On a happier note, I finally mailed my sister's package. It'd been in my car for like a week because I kept not making it to the post office before it closed.

Oh, and I went to Smith's and bought a ton of groceries to make green chile burritos. It's all put together and I'm going to let it simmer overnight. Then I'll have a whole crock pot full of green chile. Woo! I'm going to be all economical about it like my mom though and freeze half before adding more veggies to cook some more. Hoorah for that. And round about two or three in the afternoon I'll be eating some yum yum chile over a bean and cheese burrito. If anyone cares to partake, feel free to stop by!

Hmm... think I'll be making that side trip for meds now.
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Well the philosophy course Sarah and I signed up for together was a complete disaster. Not only is Taber a boring ass, but neither of us have anywhere close to enough philosophy background in terms of what courses we've taken to be able to handle the class. And I need not mention the fact that the prof didn't like Sarah previously when she had him as an instructor.

So yeah, now I have a MW night class on early Shakespearean writing. I've managed to miss the entire first week of the class due to this little escapade, but that's okay. At least I know I like Shakespeare and actually have a chance of passing the class. I just wish I knew who was teaching it so I could contact them or something. But maybe I'll stop by the English department tomorrow afternoon and have a talk with the people there.

On a different note, the dog can't seem to make up his mind about whether he wants to be out or in. This is so damn annoying. It's too bad the cat would run away or I totally would have gotten a doggy door installed months ago. Wouldn't want to lose track of George though. So I just have to let go of my tendencies toward laziness and get off my ass to let the dog out.

On the way home from class I took a couple of those neon plastic flags they hang on top of construction signs. I can't decide if they're orange or pink or both. Me and my crazy cleptomania. Gotta work on that... I'm running out of wall space.

Hmm... ADD just kicked in.



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