Aug. 12th, 2003

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She left me roses by the stairs.
Surprises let me know she cares."

Sorry... That came out of the strange confines that exist as the thought processes of my mind.

In the news:
The Job )

I went to breakfast after work on Sunday with Michael. I learned a lot about him. It was fun. He is awesome and I would totally date him if there was actually potential at this point in time. But obviously there isn't. I think I will maintain the friendship though. He's very intelligent and does lots of kick ass stuff. He fences, dances (ballet and swing, among others), acts in his friend's independent films and on stage, etc etc. He's the epitome of a renaissance man, both in his intelligence and his extracurricular activities (for lack of a better phrase). So yeah, what I left RL thinking would be a perhaps 1 hour outing turned into about 4 hours. Not that I have any complaints. He is so inspiring. He's one of those people that makes you want to go out and do all of the things you've only dreamed of doing. The things you want to do but don't quite have the guts for. He gives me that kind of confidence. All he says is, "If you want it, then just do it," and I find myself having the desire to accomplish it. Chad always made me want to do things, but he never gave me the desire to, only the confidence. And I think those two things are quite different.

Speaking of Chad...
The Chad )

But yeah, I've thought enough about that for one night.

I read Amber's entry about her grandparents coming to visit and found it a bit coincidental. I saw Judy in RL while I was working the other day. I didn't go over and say anything (not that I would particularly want to), but I saw her nonetheless. Interesting.

So tomorrow is the day I go to ABQ to set up my class schedule. This advisor stuff is kind of annoying. I know it's useful, but it's going to be such short notice for my transfer. Mir. Damn them needing an exact availability. Perhaps I shall take night classes some nights to give myself an edge?

Hmm... I bought another Paul Oakenfold album as a spur of the moment thing yesterday when I went to hastings to buy these books for my Grandma (she and my Grandpa were passing through on their way from Colorado to Arizona). It's a whole bunch of short tracks of stuff he mixed. I've heard about half of it, but I'm not sure what to think yet. I expected it to be a bit more fast paced, but yeah. I guess it's my own damn fault... who wouldn't when they're labeled at approx 200+ bpm? Oh well, it's still good, but I don't like it near as much as the other album, "Bunkka."

I still haven't gotten my vacation paycheck (of course, it's only been like two days) and I'm anxious. I'm worried that it's not going to come until I transfer but then it won't show up on my transfer paychecks or something crazy like that... I dunno. Stuff is weird when you transfer.

Oh... I weighed 160 pounds today, which means I've lost about 5-6 pounds on this new diet. Yay!

Nothing else as of now, and I'm kind of sick of typing. (Goes back to that easily annoyed stuff).


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