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Of applying for jobs, I mean. It's hard to for me to decide where to start with the description of this. So I'll just do the obvious and start from the beginning.

In about mid-May, I decided to finally take the time to fill out the job application on the APS website. Starting the process made me realize how much stuff I needed to do to have a completed application. I needed not just copies but scans of my Intern licenses, my resume, a cover letter... half of which wasn't completed. So I spent a semi-stressful week writing and polishing all that stuff. Finally got all that done and submitted along with the information required in the application itself.

So yeah, got all that done two weeks ago. Hence today I decided to look at the list of job postings on the website and see how many were still there and try to figure out why I hadn't heard anything yet. I did also get a bit of advice from someone who was recently hired for a position: she said I had to be proactive and be calling/emailing people to get their attention that I had applied. Well, first of all, more than half the positions I applied for are not listed anymore (which means they've been filled). But I did find a bunch of new postings to apply for, which is good. So I added all those to the application submission.

Now it's time for the next step. I gathered up all the necessary email addresses to write a little email note to all the people listed on the contact info at the bottom of the job postings. Now I just have to get the guts to do it. I mean, it's like twelve emails to write to people I've never met. A little nerve-racking, to say the least. Maybe the "finding the information" is enough for one day? I think I'm a little too high-strung to write professional-sounding emails right now anyhow.

Better luck tomorrow, yeah?
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Well... it'd be a good thing I'm already pretty nocturnal, since the sun would be gone and all. Talk about changing the world: we'd be living in a much less gore, much more bore version of Pitch Black where the sun doesn't come up again several days later (i.e. never). I felt compelled to answer this on the basis of such an oversight in concepts... did the person who submitted this question forget that the major construct of time was the thing that is the basis for life on this planet?
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