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The immense toll that work takes on me is catching up again. I don't know how else to explain it.

About halfway through the fall semester, I started to get rather burnt out. Nigh overwhelming exhaustion kept creeping around the edges of my existence. I suspect a similar phenomenon is happening to me now. Of course, I'm sure the time change has something to do with it. I've felt it with more intensity than I can remember ever having happened to me. I think it's that somewhere in the past several months I started to really adjust to being diurnal, but it was apparently within the confines of the hours of the day being labeled differently. I'm so exhausted this week, and it hasn't been a particularly busy week. At least, no more demanding than has been typical the last six months. I can see why my mom always had a deep appreciation for summer break, even if her vacation was in tandem with that of her children. I will so appreciate that time when it comes (even if I do spend a significant amount of it planning and preparing for next school year).

The funny part is, I'm incredibly tired right now, yet in an effort to get myself on the path to readjustment I'm staying up a bit later. In the meantime I've begun my to-do list for the weekend. So far, it has 7 separate tasks on it of varying lengths. I feel like I spend every weekend playing catch-up so that I can avoid stress the following week. So I guess it's more a matter of playing get-ahead rather than playing catch-up. It helps a lot during the subsequent week, but I'm so sick of not having a real weekend. I keep telling myself things will be different next year, and I hope I'm right about it. I fairly certain that doing work in the summer is a necessary evil in the attempt to make that a reality. I also have to remind myself that I'll be taking fewer classes next year and that will help.

I've been saying that having a spring break in the middle of April is ridiculous. After all, there will only be five weeks of school after that. But with each passing day I realize that I will so appreciate that break despite the fact that part of me would rather just tack an extra week onto summer if the short break is so near the long one. A break is a break; I should take what I can get.

Now I just have to convince myself to allow myself so respite when it's here...
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About the jobs and the whatnot and the hey hey, I mean. If you're not sure to what I'm referring, see the last post I made.

The next part of my job hunt took place on a Tuesday afternoon. The next thing I did as far as the job stuffs was to write out a sort of form cover letter that would serve as the body of the emails I was sending to all the job people. I used this to format each of the emails I was sending out. Then I began the tedium of the copy/paste, the inserting of the appropriate contact information, resume PDF attachments, etc. etc. ad nauseum. I sent out eleven emails for thirteen jobs (two of my emails were for multiple positions at the same school). Then I took a deep breath, said a little something to the job gods, and walked away from my computer.

An hour later I got a phone call for an interview on Wednesday. I went in that next day, and had what I thought was a fairly decent interview. The principal told me she couldn't offer me a job right then, but to wait for a call some time in the next day or two. Apparently, the school district doesn't send out all the information; principals get a list of names when people apply for jobs and then have to go to the district offices to see all the application materials.

I spent all day Thursday waiting for the phone call that didn't come.

Somewhere in there I guess I forgot that she said a day or two. I got the job offer phone call late on Friday morning. Of course I accepted, because this was after all the job I wanted the most. Of all the thirteen jobs I applied for, I got the one that I wanted more than all the others! I was thrilled! I spent most of Friday afternoon that week doing the bureaucratic runaround filing documents and filling out paperwork. There's still some stuff to do as far as all that goes, but it's just the usual new-hire benefits paperwork and training whatnots.

So yeah, I guess I must both look good on paper and interview well because I sent out a resume, interviewed, and got a job in a week's time. Booyah bitches!

This News Update brought to you by the Job Market. It's a jungle out there! You're listening to KMND Radio, where it's All Mandy, All the Time. Thanks for tuning in.
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Step 1: Build resume.

Step 2:

Step 3: Profit!
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So my boss hasn't taken the schedule request in order to actually make the schedule yet. I was taking another look over it and realized that one of the days I had originally requested to work is now sort of "over-requested," translating to there are 4 people down for Sunday. So now I face a conundrum:

Do I leave things as are, which constitutes working Sat, Sun, and Tues nights therefore leaving me one free weekend night, as I had originally asked (meanwhile leaving this problem for my boss to solve)?


Do I switch to working Fri, Sat, and Tues nights and lose my ability to hit up possible weekend events, but therefore have a better chance of attaining the hours I need to work (a.k.a. not counting on my boss)?
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One of the few things I dislike about my job is that between the hours of 1AM and 3AM there is virtually nothing to do. I mean, by this time of night even the crazy people who have been yelling for the first 6 hours I was here have fallen asleep. What this translates to is as follows:

I go out for frequent smoke breaks (or what seems like it considering I'm owning alloted two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch) and get so bored that I start contemplating the many insignificant occurrences that always manage to come along in my rather dull and mostly normal life. Things like the people I used to date, or why I'm not doing more with my art, or why I haven't managed to call that one person in my spare time but always remember that I should call them at hours when I know they won't be awake. That, and I spend a lot of time surfing the net. Which in "mandyland" actually translates to checking my emails and reading livejournal.

Speaking of livejournal... I find it funny how many people are on my friends list that I don't really read anymore. As few people as I actually read I ought just search them individually and save myself the trouble of all the scrolling I end up doing. But see, that would take thought. I mean, it's a toss up who I read to be truthful (with the exception of a chosen few). And as far as purging my friends list goes, that would require an level of contemplation equal to the other method that I am far too lazy to go through with.

The irony here is that in the midst of all this I consider obtuse concepts like theology and astronomy. Anthropology, sociology, psychology, and so on.

I guess I'm just way too fuckin' weird.

Or maybe I need to find some way to hack the systems around here and load a chat client to entertain myself. Wait, that just circulates back to the issue regarding the fact that all the people I would talk to right now are asleep. Fuck.
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So I'm not at work tonight so that I can get my homework done. I was shocked that they didn't get angry with me or anything. I did get phone numbers so I could try and call people to work for me, but they either didn't answer or couldn't. So yeah. Not working. I feel much less stressed since I actually have ample time to do my homework. Yay time.

Took a break to go down to kelly's for a pint. Actually found a beer that I can stand. Hoorah for apricot ale.
Oh yeah, and the most important thing: Happy Hip Day to [ profile] killbox!!! Woot.

Ok ok... I'll go do my homework!
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So I've spent the last hour or so at Blue Dragon catching up on email and LJ and all the usual internet shit. God I hate having to do this in a coffee shop, but still haven't managed to make the internet go in the new house. Somewhere in the move I lost the power cord to the WAP, which means I need to get a different sort of ethernet cable or something. I don't know... not my department.

Anyway... I've read some, skimmed others, and skipped yet others completely. And now, after having managed to sit peacefully in my chair for over an hour, the grouping of seats right in front of me has decided to fill itself with Hot Topic Clones circa age 15. Please shoot me. But yeah, despite seeming to focus on the negative aspects of my situation, I'm in a rather good mood. Just a tad cynical at the moment.

To actually talk about something that matters... Read more... )
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Time to take a bit of a break from that though.

Here's the current progress:
1. May have found a place. It's right across the street from where I'm at now. Can see it from the front window and everything. If the lady doesn't call me about our application tomorrow I'm going to call her.
2. If the first choice falls through, there's another decent place off Carlisle and Gibson. Will call them tomorrow to let them know whether Keia and I want it or not.
3. Bathroom is packed.
4. Kitchen mostly packed.
5. Living room and bedroom are coming along in the packing whatnot.
6. The job still sucks. I'm in the process of looking for a second job, either as a tech in Lovelace hospital (till it closes I guess) or maybe I'll go apply at the hell that is AOL. Hey, it's money right?

In other news, [ profile] intravenousants has made it safely to the Farmpit, and is now "enjoying" the company of her family. The dog is well behaved, but clearly distressed about this ritual of putting things in boxes as it is something he has never experienced. Other than that, not much.

BTW, is there anyone out there strong enough to help move my piano? Everything else I have can be moved fairly easily but that. So yeah, you all should let me know about that... I have a few of you in mind. FYI, I plan on moving all the stuff out of here on the 27th/28th, so if you're up to it, let me know. Of course, if someone has a truck or something it can be moved later in the week if that's when you're available. Thanks!!
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Wow... I am so stressed. It's unbelievable.

Things that have stressed me out lately:
1. Still haven't found a new place. Going to look tomorrow though.
2. Making hardly any money at the new job. Since a week ago Saturday: $315. I should have made that much this weekend.
3. Might not have rent for next month.
4. The bills keep pouring in via the mailbox, and I have no money to pay them.
5. My family keeps asking what I want for Christmas. I feel bad because I can't afford to get them anything.
6. I've only been scheduled for three days at work next week.

Things that have helped alleviate the stress:
1. Tea with friends.
2. ATHF care of [ profile] _prisoner_
3. Support/help from my family with what I'm doing.
4. School being over with for the semester.
5. My dog being good.
6. Lots of free boxes from someone on

So things are a bit rough lately. But it will all pan out. I'm hoping that the job just sucks because it's my first week. At least, that's what my coworkers are telling me. I have the next three days off though, and I'm thinking I might pick up a second job or something. Supplementary sort of thing, ya know. So, other than the stresses of moving/money, things are going well. Thank the gods I have such wonderful friends to help me get through this stress.
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Woke up this morning feeling like crap. Which I guess is what I get for sleeping fully clothed. Or something.

Apparently I can write the longer essay ahead of time for my Chaucer final, but I can't find the necessary information online ANYWHERE. The closest thing is individual jpgs of the two original manuscripts from the 14th century. But I can't hardly read it, so I have no idea how this will help me. I emailed the prof last night, but she's only on campus Mondays and Wednesdays, so she probably won't get the email until right before I'm supposed to be taking the final. Just when I thought I would get a decent grade in this class, I'm wrong. Oh well. Anyhoo... if anyone out there can tell me the different orders the tales were published in (as they were originally found in fragments), that would help me beyond words.

Other than that... nothing too exciting right now. I'm scheduled at work tonight, but I forgot what time. I guess I'll just go in at 4 and see what happens. Or call them, or whatever.

And for now, I shall try and find the enthusiasm to write my research paper. Irgh.
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It's funny how a test can make you actually wake up in time to go to a class. Of course, it totally paid off. I spent a good amount of yesterday studying and wondering whether I would be able to pull it off, but the review sheet apparently covered A LOT MORE information than was later presented. Out of 19 possible essay questions, only 9 were on the test, of which I had to write three. Still, I managed to answer all but one of the short answer questions, and filled 8 pages of notebook paper with essay stuff. I figure I'll get an A on this exam which, despite only making it to class less than half the time, means I will get a B+ in the class. Awesome... I'm a slacker and still pulled it off.

As far as everything else is concerned, the Poli Sci paper is coming along slowly. I decided to write on something completely different, which means I'm sort of back to square one, but at least I know for sure what I'm writing about. And it will be easy as pie. Woot.

Tonight's plans include going to try and pick up a shift at work and later Whiskey Business.

I don't know whether the schedule at work starts on Tuesdays or Wednesdays though, which might make completing that last research paper interesting. Hopefully the case is the latter, or I just might be screwed.

I also found out this morning from a girl in the Chaucer class that I can type up the long essay for that final (on Wednesday morning) ahead of time. Suddenly studying for that has become much less stressful. Now my only problem is figuring out where I can get the info necessary to write the essay. Eh well.

Hmm.... guess I have more to get done today than I realized. Oh yeah, and somewhere in the midst of this I should probably eat something. That might be good.
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So, today I have received in my email 3 comments to my journal that were left about two weeks ago. Too bad I read and responded to them ages ago! I guess the server is catching up?


In other news... work was good. I was just short of the usual requirements on the test, but they told me as long as I am sure-footed on a few things they mentioned it shouldn't matter. Which is good. Because I neither want to re-take it, nor do I want to be unable to serve for another few days. I am ridiculously broke right now, after all. And bill time is coming soon! Guess it'll be handmade gifts for the holidays this year... eh well.

And now, as is usual of late, I'm off to write a paper.
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I got my paper about the Gettysburg address back via email this morning. Got 240/250 points on it, which is awesome. That's about a 96% if you want the math. Other than that, I have finally finished the Chaucer research paper, and it racked in at just over 10 pages. Also, in other good news one of the essays I was supposed to write for my political science class will now be counted for extra credit if I decide to do it.

Oh, and remember that list thing? )

In other news, took the menu test for Landry's today. There was so much stuff I didn't know, but they helped me a bit since they knew that my training wasn't as good as it should have been. I can't wait to fill out their little "training analysis" form. Anyhoo... going back to work at 6 to expedite so that I can learn more of the food. Which will be helpful, but is rather inconvenient in terms of my getting my papers done. Eh well.
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For a few laughs...
Some Improvements In Hell )

Other than that, nothing overly exciting today. I went in to work at 930 for a meeting and worked straight through after that until about 400. Did I mention I went to bed at 3am last night? I am one tired Mandy, but at least I don't have to go back tonight.

Now I just have to finish that research paper.
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And it was virtually pointless. I got there at 945, and realized I'd forgotten my swipecard. This wouldn't have been a problem, except that they didn't have any more. Eventually I came across someone who had an extra (at about 1100), but still never got clocked in. Why? Because the guy I was supposed to follow got there at 1130 and then got us sent home at 1200 because we didn't have any tables. So basically I sat there for 2 1/2 hours training myself by working on these quiz things that are supposed to prepare me for the 12 page test I'll take on Tuesday. I may as well have slept in and not gone to work. So yeah... now I get to go back in at 400 and actually DO something. Which will be fine, but it would have been nice to sleep later than 800 this morning instead of going to work and not getting paid for it. Eh well... it would have only gotten me about $10 anyhow.

But yeah, other than the fact that in terms of the menu and such I am mostly training myself, things are going well in terms of the new job. I have been told by multiple people that about 95% of new servers cheat on the test. They have also told me various ways to accomplish this. So Monday night I will be getting that put together in order to take the test on Tuesday.

Other than that I had a chill night when I got off work last night. I didn't really feel like doing any homework or going out, so I watched The Piano on the Sundance channel last night. Very strange but good movie. And commercial-free to boot. I recommend it, if only for the great piano interludes through the movie.

Time to go write a paper though... Catch you kids on the flip side.

"This has been another fabulous report of 'What's New?' I am your host, Mando Calrission and you're listening to KMND, Mandy Radio. 'All Mandy, All the Time.'"
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So I started a painting today.

I have an idea where it's going, but I'm not really getting anywhere with it because I need to make some choices about color scheme. I don't want to rush through this one. This is the first objective painting I've done in oils, which excites me. It'll still be fairly abstract though. Hopefully it turns out well. Gotta take my time.

On another note, work went well. I've got to stop being the person who takes names all night though. It does a number on my back and I can't handle that. Hopefully I remember this--and actually take it into account--next weekend.

Well then. That's the news for now!

Damn Snow

Mar. 14th, 2005 03:35 pm
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I really need to listen to my intuition more often.

I was walking out the door to go to work this morning, and it felt a little cool. Maybe I should take a jacket I think to myself. Nah, it'll warm up... Yeah right! It was snowing like crazy when I got off work. Which wouldn't have been so bad, but I had to stop for gas and the pump didn't work right so I had to hold it the entire time to make it go. So I'm standing there in the paper thin work shirt getting covered in snow. By the time I got back in my car there was so much snow on me that I couldn't even lean back because it felt so cold on my back. At least I was close to home though so I didn't have to put up with that for too long.

On top of that., the dog was completely soaked from being outside and hardly using his doghouse so I had to dry him off in the midst of his excitement from me getting home. I imagine I smell a bit like wet dog now. But I can't tell because I'm too stuffed up from running out of allergy medicine yesterday. Need to get that prescription filled...

To focus on the positive... Work was quite wonderful today. Mostly because I don't have to go back for over a week, but also because I decided to set my mind to the idea of having a positive mental attitude while I was at work today. It worked out rather nicely too. Tips were back to usual for me so I felt like I actually made money. Woot.

On another note, only 22 hours until I'm in Florida. YEAH BABY YEAH.

The J-O-B.

Oct. 3rd, 2004 10:08 pm
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Some of the people I work with can be real assholes on occasion. The more they make me host instead of serve the more I realize this. Some servers are such whiny bitches to an extent I had never previously known. It's quite unbelievable. And what's worse is that they assume because I've hosted like 4 times now that I should be a pro. I'm sorry, but there's a little more complexity to the concept that is blatantly obvious. Needless to say by the time I left work this evening (sometime around 915), I wasn't exactly wreaking of work enthusiasm. And what's worse is that I'm pretty sure I have to work tomorrow morning, if not all damn day. How in the hell am I going to get all my homework done now? Guess that's what I get for picking up the shift tonight. Whatever the case, I need to check my schedule and I think I'll do that now.

On a more productive note, the dog is starting to understand that he should leave me alone when I'm irritable. Always a plus, because the fact that he finds it necessary to chew on me 23 of 24 hours a day has really started to try my patience. Yay for the dog's intelligence starting to kick in!
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Seriously though. My instructor is moving at a somewhat grueling pace. And it's the first class she's ever taught as a grad student. Geez man, what is up with this? I like the class and I'm learning everything just fine, but still! This is supposed to be the class where I get to slack off and I'm not so sure that's going to happen.

On another school type note, my financial stuff didn't go through processing as soon as it was supposed to, so there's a hold on my account. This is quite annoying considering I need to drop one of my classes. I'm just glad I did the smart thing and signed up for 18 hours initially in case I needed to get rid of one. It all works out. Now if I could just drop the damn class I'd be set.

The job is going pretty good, but I realized yesterday that rent is due in like a week and I've been horribly irresponsible with my spending. I mean, I'll still make it easily, but I need to pay more attention. Otherwise I'm ging to find myself unable to get by. And that would be pathetic considering how much I make vs. how much I need for bills.

Yesterday the apartment complex security left a huge sticker on my car stating that I couldn't park where they told me it was okay to park. What is up with that shit man? So I'm hoping I'll walk home from class this morning and they won't have towed my car or something obnoxious. I do however need to call the city and get one of their street permits apparently. Guess I'll have to get that done sometime today.

Hmm... what else...

Oh yeah, club last night was fantastic. Sometimes there's nothing better than a good flail to make all your problems go away. That is, once you get past all the really REALLY bad music to get to the good stuff. But music is too subjective and I don't feel like going too in depth here. Needless to say, RAM is kick ass. The first CD downloaded onto the computer, if that give you an idea of how much I like the band. Way to go guys!

Club also included meeting and getting acquainted with various people. Hellllooo [ profile] killbox!

Denny's afterwards was absolutely freezing and I spent most of my time outside in the slightly warmer desert air. Ran into Marc also and talked to him. He seems to still be going through his tough times and I'm a bit worried about him. I guess I should interpret this as a reason to go visit him more often than not and sooner rather than later.

But yeah... that's enough rambling for now.
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I woke up this morning quite refreshed. Yet at the same time didn't want to get out of bed and go to work. But I did, because I'm a responsible person like that I guess.

Work was pretty decent. I did a moderate amount of work and walked away with $68 in hand after about 4 hours and tipping out $13. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

In other news, I have resolved to no longer surround myself with people I know are dishonest. I just wish in some cases I had figured this out sooner. I really need to start listening to my intuition as well as my friends. They truly do have my best interests at heart, and aren't going to lie to me about it either.

Anyway... I went to Youth Group again tonight. It was a lot of fun! The guy that heads up all of it, Paul, is really inspiring. I think it's safe to say he's one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. One of those people that makes me want to become a better person, to reach my full potential. Sometimes I identify with the things he brings up to such a full extent that it almost makes me cry. It's amazing. So yeah, another good experience.

Well then... I believe I shall be going now as I have a good amount of Stats homework to finish by tomorrow evening--in addition to making some phone calls.

...the flip side.


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