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Welcome to the Sunshine State... Forecast for today is Thunderstorms with a high of 81 degrees. It's pouring, which has ruined our plans for a beach day. However, we did manage to go have fun doing that yesterday.

On the other hand, I need to be writing my Poetics essay anyway. I'm having a really hard time with it. I've got a decent outline at this point, but I can't seem to start writing anything. This is also why I've got a rambling stream of stuff going on here. I figure if I can't write that maybe it'll help me to take a minute and write something else. It's only sort of working.

In other news... the trip has been good so far. We've made it to the beach once, and we'll probably go again on Thursday. Had a late-night trip to Wal*Mart wherein I bought my sister a schnazzy beach chair that ended up matching her beach umbrella (we weren't even trying to make that happen, but it did). Last night we went out to Robbie O'Connell's Pub, and then to Frank's for some free pool and inexpensive beer. Good times. We've also been eating tasty food, which will continue tonight with shrimp kabobs on the grill. Sister and I are going out with a couple of her friends for a girls night. Tomorrow will be spent doing touristy things in St. Augustine: Ripley's Museum, Old West photos, an Alligator Farm, and possibly a fort. Oh the excitement!

In the meantime, I've gotta try and make myself write something, even if it sucks. It's the first draft, after all. I think in order to do this though, I've gotta make myself stop watching [ profile] nicktheshrubber play Ratchet&Clank.

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Feeling much better about things today.

I rearranged the itinerary for the FL trip to fly out on Friday instead of Thursday. This means I'll only miss one week of class, so hopefully it'll be much easier to manage to get everything done for that class. It'll also strengthen my arguments with the professor for him allowing me to make up work if I'm only missing one week of class. So yay; got that figured out mostly. Oh yeah, and I finally got the reading response questions so I can work on getting those done by Thursday.

The debate of which class to keep out of the other two classes continues. The aspects in favor of one class keep outweighing the other, but I'm making myself go to both classes this week before I decide. I'm just really ready to have that decision made. It also means I'll have the financial part figured out. Still haven't bought the books for either class due to this indecision.

I have baked 5 mini loaves of almond poppy seed muffins from a box mix in order to have something to take to the Sunday night potluck at work. I may keep one or two for home and just take three, but haven't decided that part yet. They smell pretty awesomely tasty.

I am pretty jazzed up that potluck is costing me less than $3 this week, especially since I'm effectively broke until I get paid on Friday. On the other hand, this will encourage me to continue eating food that already exists in the cupboards. There is quite a bit of it in there after all. It'll be interesting to see what my diet consists of by Thursday... I might end up living on pancakes for a day or something equally unhealthy/distressing.

Anyhoo... that's life for now.

"This News Update brought to you by Poppy Seed Muffins. Yay baking! You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's 'All Mandy, All the Time.' Thanks for tuning in."
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Now makes me due for a massive update--especially after the 15 day vacation. Unfortunately, I have just spent the last hour catching up on reading what everyone else has had to say, so it will have to wait. But for those of you who were wondering/informed/whatever I am safely back in the Burque.

I would like to say for the record however: had I had access to a decent computer and decent net connection simultaneously I would have posted something in the last 3 weeks. Alas, no. Therefore, the next thing you see from me will be horrendously long and behind a cut (cause yeah, not everyone cares what I did in my wanderings of the last three weeks).

Catch you kids on the flip side!

"This new flash brought to you straight from Cloud City. You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's 'All Mandy, All the Time.'"
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The best damn pub in the whole damn world is right here.

And yes... I've been there. See!! And here I am again!

I'd say that was the best St. Patrick's Day celebration I've ever been to.
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The long awaited Florida update.

As seen on WMND! This is Mandy television )

So that was the wonderous vacation. Which I am still appreciative of. I got to see my sister for the first time in a year and a half. Got a break from work and school and stopped hating my job. And met a great guy. Yes, the Carlos guy is still a factor. In fact, when he told me that he would come to visit he was totally serious. He bought plane tickets for April 22nd through the 25th. Impressive, eh? I am both nervous and excited. But more on that later.

For now, I sleep.


Mar. 27th, 2005 09:22 pm
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When I make it to Berlin (circa Spring 2007, as per my post-graduation plans) I am SOOO staying in this hotel. Totally kick ass. I like the castle room.... It's number 4 if you go to the link.
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And procrastinating. I really don't feel like working on my stupid out of class midterm for Shakespeare. I mean, I know that I'm probably going to be insanely busy with Sarah this week and that I might not get it done in time. But at the same time I don't really give a damn right now.

My stomach hurts. It's because I'm hungry. I would have eaten breakfast this morning, but there wasn't food like that in our house. I didn't really feel like starting the day out with some spaghetti, so I opted out. Had a couple cups of coffee, but seeing as how that was about 3 or 4 hours ago, not really feeling the fullness of that anymore. I should go buy cereal when I get home. Mmm... Crispix.

In other news... I think my dog is going to be really mad at me when he figures out that I'm not coming back for a while. I left him inside until [ profile] cryptosporidosi comes back before to let him outside. It was way too damn cold outside to leave him out there for like 12 hours or something. Hopefullly it will have warmed up a little bit and he'll be all right. Just hope he doesn't get to mad at me in the interim. I think I will call [ profile] intravenousants tonight to let her know that he can sleep in my room at night. I have it all pretty well puppy-proof so there is a low chance of him destroying anything.

Hmm yeah... my flight was delayed like an hour because of the stupid snow. I need to call my sister when I get to Atlanta to let her know. But yeah, at least the plane took off today. The Delta website was messing with my mind last night. At one point it said my flight wasn't leaving until tomorrow. That would have been jacked!

Oooh... time for an in flight drink. Gotta go.
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So the snow had me really worried about whether or not I would be able to make my flight, but I checked the delta website and everything is on time right now. Who knows whether that will be the case in the morning, but I am hoping. And even if things get delayed I don't change planes with my connecting flight in Atlanta so I don't have too much to worry about.

But yeah, trying to decide whether I want to participate in the belly dance class tonight or not. I'm at [ profile] cryptosporidosi's house but not sure whether I'm feeling it. Still worried about the condition of my knees and hips. And I know that belly dance would help them in the long run, but they're going to be sore afterward I think.

Damn Snow

Mar. 14th, 2005 03:35 pm
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I really need to listen to my intuition more often.

I was walking out the door to go to work this morning, and it felt a little cool. Maybe I should take a jacket I think to myself. Nah, it'll warm up... Yeah right! It was snowing like crazy when I got off work. Which wouldn't have been so bad, but I had to stop for gas and the pump didn't work right so I had to hold it the entire time to make it go. So I'm standing there in the paper thin work shirt getting covered in snow. By the time I got back in my car there was so much snow on me that I couldn't even lean back because it felt so cold on my back. At least I was close to home though so I didn't have to put up with that for too long.

On top of that., the dog was completely soaked from being outside and hardly using his doghouse so I had to dry him off in the midst of his excitement from me getting home. I imagine I smell a bit like wet dog now. But I can't tell because I'm too stuffed up from running out of allergy medicine yesterday. Need to get that prescription filled...

To focus on the positive... Work was quite wonderful today. Mostly because I don't have to go back for over a week, but also because I decided to set my mind to the idea of having a positive mental attitude while I was at work today. It worked out rather nicely too. Tips were back to usual for me so I felt like I actually made money. Woot.

On another note, only 22 hours until I'm in Florida. YEAH BABY YEAH.
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Spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in Colorado in honor of the VNV Nation concert on the 7th. Kick ass show, I pity those of you who couldn't make it. The venue was quite decent and the light show was great. Ya know, beside the fact that the music was fucking amazing.

Other spare time during the two days there was spent mostly hanging out with Amber. Yay! She works at Mimi's Cafe and so we ate lunch there on Friday. And she got me free muffins before I came home! Tasty tasty buttermilk spice and pumpkin spice muffins. Other than that I bought a ton of JONES soda at the Super Target in the Springs. So I will finally be able to finish the collages I've been using the caps and labels for.

But yeah, good weekend thus far.

It was strange, but I woke up in a really weird mood this morning. Which made work almost intolerable at times. And I had to work a double. Not a good combination. I somehow managed to make about $100 for the day after tipping out though, so I guess it mustn't have been as horrible as it seemed at the time. I do feel somewhat depressed today, although I can't pinpoint why. It's been one of those days where I know something is wrong, but don't know what's been bothering me enough lately to analyze completely. But I'm rambling about this to the point that it's starting not to make sense even to me.
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Well, 'tis the last full day of my current visit to Farmington. I only saw Amber one time (boo!), still haven't called Ashley to give her the present I made her, and am for some stupid reason anxious to get back to Albuquerque and the job I always bitch about.

If I could start this week over, I would do several things differently: I wouldn't have slept so much, even if my body claims to have needed it (shit man, I slept through most of Christmas day!). I wouldn't have said I had become indifferent about spending time with Amber (that is a lie, Ams, I love you bunches and was immensely excited that we were getting together and was really REALLY worried that you weren't going to call... I liked your scarf best of all the ones I made). I would have called Ashley as soon as getting into town so that we could hang out. I would do more artsy stuff with Sarah. I would have called Ozzy and Veruka back to thank them for the Merry Christmas phone call. I wouldn't have forgotten to celebrate the solstice, and I would have ignored the fact that I was tired in order to properly commemorate the full moon (probably by wreaking havoc and stealing shit, right Haji?).

But the true fact of the matter is, that the week is over. And I did still manage to have a good time, and see the people I want to (once I call Ashley this afternoon anyway).

So in spite of the realization that I would change things, the existentialist part of me says, eh well, just do it better from here on out and call it good. Today will be a good day, because I will make it that way.
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Things are going much better. Despite the fact that some things didn't turn out the way I wanted.

I went to my court date on Friday morning. The stupid judge )

So then I went home on Friday and called the Verizon Store in Farmington because they were supposed to have ordered me a new antenna. Unfortunately, their distributor didn't have any in the warehouse, so it's been back-ordered. Lucky me. So I still don't have a new antenna and am putting up with the broken one. I need to call those people again and ask them about the whole shenanigans though. The guy at the store said they could mail it to me when it came in. I wonder if they can bill me or something...

The weekend was okay, though decidedly uneventful. I spent the rest of my Friday hanging out with Sarah, which was a blast as usual.

Sarah is down )

Well then... gotta go get ready for class and such, catch you kids later.
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I had a really busy weekend visiting my grandparents with my mother for Easter. We went to so many damn parties with their friends and hung so many pictures on the walls in my grandparents' new house that I didn't manage to get any of my damn homework done. Hopefully I'll get enough math homework done tonight that I won't be screwed if TJ decides to collect anything tomorrow. I just have to hope he didn't do that last Thursday since I didn't make it it class (had to do some econ homework, definitely a greater priority since my grade in that class isn't so grand). But yeah, I'd say I'm pretty well on schedule.

Other drama of the weekend: My grandpa only has webTV, which has no web browser. This meant I couldn't get on WebCT to get my homework questions nor enter the answers for microeconomics. They drove me all the way to a library in the next town to use the internet (which included taking time to get a damn library card, so if you want to check out books in Mesa, Arizona, let me know and I'll drive eight hours to get them for you, eh?) but then the WebCT was tweaking out and said I wasn't signed up for any courses. So I start to kind of freak out because my grad is bad enough. I sent my instructor an email, but this probably didn't do me much good since I couldn't check it again until today (much later than the due date for the assignment). Come to find out that she realized that WebCT was having problems and now I have until tomorrow night to get the homework done. HOOO-AH!!! I am so excited/relieved.

Now that I've filled too much space with nonsense....

Here's some more.

There's two girls sitting behind me in the computer lab that are convinced something stinks in our general vicinity. One girl has her shirt covering her nose! Both of them keep sniffing around to try and figure out where the scent is coming from. I am so utterly confused by this behavior. I don't smell anything!!!

Wow, if I've started to pay attention such mundane happenings as this I need to go do my homework or something. And you may all look forward to the completely ridiculous entry I'm sure to post later about what I didn't do over my weekend vacation.

I know, I know. I'm so lame.
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At least I can't say anything particularly negative. I feel good about my body lately. And myself as a person. It's a very pleasurable standpoint. Hope it lasts.

So my birthday is on Wednesday and they actually got my requested schedule right. So I work during the day and then I'm off at night. I also got the week of spring break off that I asked for. Which is awesome. I think the people at work are expecting me to go to Denver because that was my original plan, but I'm actually going home to Farmington. I'm quite excited to see my family, as a matter of fact. It'll be nice to just go home, eat the nice home-cookin' and chill for a while. Maybe I'll get to see some of the hometown friends too. That would be cool.

Hmm... I can't wait for my birthday. I'm so ready to be done with the whole teenager thing. I feel the need for a new stage in my life to begin. And I think it's close.

Well then... I need to try and go to sleep now since I've got a ton of work tomorrow.

I hope things stay this way, truly do.
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Although I'm not quite certain where to begin. But hey, that's always the problem, so I guess I'll just start typing.

David called me this morning. He went to see his lawyer today, and apparently some sort of agreement has been made with the courts about his whole legal thing. The good news: He's going to be on probation for the next 3 years. This is definitely better than going to jail for 5-10. The bad news: For the next 2 years, he has to pay $500 a month. This adds up to about 12 g's. David is not too happy about that, but he seems to be so good at making money that I doubt there will be a problem. He says once he's done paying that he'll pay me back the $200 I lent him. Not that it really matters, I don't care when he pays me back. Usually when I lend people money I don't expect to get it back. Which means I don't typically lend people money either. Hell, my sister owes me more than I can even keep track of. So that's that. I'm really happy for him. I'm also glad that I no longer have to worry about him being put in jail anytime soon. At least, not for this. If he keeps driving drunk on occasion, that might be another story.

But anyway. I'm still enjoying the vacation in Denver. Today we didn't really do anything, but it's all good. It's just been one of those chillin' type days and it's all good. I did finally manage to get my oil changed today though. That's always a good thing. After all, I was like 2000 miles past the mark. But yeah, now my car will run all good again and that makes me happy. I went to Jiffy Lube so they washed my windows and vacuumed the floors and that's cool because it means I don't have to take my car to get cleaned so soon anymore. I can wait until I get back to ABQ.

I finally found the cards the school gave me for change-of-address stuff since they're changing the mailbox system. This will be useful so I can give the information to all the places that like to take my money. Hmm... need to log on to those websites later.

Tomorrow I'm going to lunch with the Chad. I don't know where I want to go though and that sucks because I'm sure he'll want me to pick the place to make sure I'm pleased. There's this cool looking Italian place on I-25 that I'm considering. Maybe I'll get lucky though and he'll have something planned. That would certainly make things convenient. Meanwhile, does anyone know of any good places to eat in Denver that I won't come across in Albuquerque?

Last night we went to eat at Bahama Breeze. The atmosphere in there was kick ass!!! The food was pretty damn good too. We went in to eat on my discount (since it's a Darden restaurant) and then the food took a while so they discounted it even more. By the time all this was done we were eating for half off. Our server was awesome too so I tipped him like $20. Our check would have been about $70 with no discounts so I think that was pretty decent. We brought home lots of leftovers since the portions were quite large. We also tried this chocolate mousse dessert that was to die for. I really wish we had one of those restaurants in Albuquerque. That would rock.

Well then, other than that there isn't much to discuss right now. I've almost finished reading Stephen King's Dark Tower 5: Wolves of the Calla. It's a really good book. Although the flaps say stuff about upcoming additions to the series, so I'm thankful I won't have to wait long for the next installment. But yeah, once I'm done with it I can loan it to Donnie to read. That is, if he isn't already working the morning shifts at Denny's by the time I get back. Oh well.

Hmm.... I have to remember to get online and change my schedule around tomorrow since it's the disenroll date. I just hope the class I want to get into opens up! Of course, I don't know how much good it will do me since I still haven't taken a math placement test and can't sign up for the math class I want. I guess I'm just screwed. I wonder if I can find something else to take instead.

But yeah... I'm starting to ramble about stuff no one cares about. And Amber is leaning over my shoulder like she's anxious to go eat dinner at Noodles. Yay food!
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So I'm in DENVER!!!! I'm so damn excited to be here. It's so much fun to be with Amber. My mom didn't understand why I wanted to come see Ams after all the crap we went through, but she just doesn't get it. Amber and I had a rough spot and now we're through it. I think it was good for our friendship. It feels so good to be here. I missed Ambie. Hell I missed Colorado.

Today Amber and I are going to go shopping at the 16th Street mall and Park Meadows. I want to buy a nice winter coat and some more jeans. Hell, it'll just be nice to go shopping with my Amber. There isn't anyone else I can really shop with, ya know? I've tried to find people, but it never really works.

Tomorrow or the next day I'm going to lunch with the Chad. Amber wants to come along, but I guess I'll have to talk to the Chad about that and see if it's all right. We shall see. I wonder where we'll go?

Hmm... I'd like to make it down to the springs at some point to see people and maybe eat at the good old OG1263. That would be fun. Hey Janet, when do you work!?! Wait, do you even still work there? God, I have a horrible memory.

Well then, I believe I've been on the computer long enough. So I'll catch ya on the flip side. After all, Jakob's keyboard sucks so it's hard to type anyway.
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And let it begin.

I'm here at Drew's house using his computer with the crappy dial-up internet connection and eating neco-wafers. Don't ask me what those are, but Drew says the post must include it.

Drew is going to burn me a bunch of CDs with techno and such.

We're talking about movies. There are way too many damn movies that I haven't seen that I should have by now. That sucks. Life is too short for that. Of course, considering the vast amount of horrible flicks that are coming to a theatre near you I won't have to worry about catching up on the times.

Hmm... kind of tired. But it is 230 in the morning, so that's not too surprising. Hey, I don't have to work tomorrow. That rocks.

Oh, and by Sunday night I'll be in Denver! Yay!

Gonna go now... because typing is too distracting right now.
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So yeah. As usual, I haven't written in here in a while so I have all sorts of things I would like to write about. But I'm going to try and keep it simple. I hope I can just write about what's really important to me at the moment and leave everything else for another entry that I plan on making much sooner that I seem to be doing lately.

I thought about cross-posting all the stuff I write in the communities I'm a part of in this journal, but decided against it. If you want to see, the one I tend to write in is [ profile] writing_101. The Mod gives prompts and members write things based on the guidelines.


I'm really bothered by what's going on with David because he doesn't seem to want to talk to me about it. I'm starting to think he's just stringing me along. Chad suggested that I look into the validity of David's claims about things and then call him on it. I think I will do that. It's just a matter of figuring out how. I'm currently searching for info on the net. If I can't find anything, Chad has offered to help me out and look into things.

I'm going to Farmington on Wednesday to spend most of Thanksgiving weekend with my parents and brother. I'm coming back Saturday morning so that I can work that night. Many thanks to Danielle for trading shifts with me for Saturday! It's sad, but I doubt I'll miss David. Hell, I won't see him any less than I normally do, which is sad. (Amber, I think you're right about the whole making time for each other thing like you have going with Jakob).

Things in my classes are getting down to the wire. I only have one test left in Geography, one left in Music, one left in Sociology, two speeches left in Public Speaking, and a research paper in English. I'm glad, but it also means I need to take the initiative to get things going for next semester. I've decided to go take a career aptitude test at Student Services to see what career path best fits my interests and natural abilities. I just need to get it done. Then I can make an appointment with and adviser and start working toward a degree of some sort (which starts next semester now that I'm done with core curriculum).

Well then.

Nothing else I feel inclined to write about now. But then, maybe that's because there's really nothing else going on.
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And my mom's slow ass computer actually works faster than the network at UNM tends to. Kind of disturbing/pathetic considering how new everything in the SUB is and what a fossil my mom's computer is. But yeah. Maybe it's just because it's like noon on a Thursday and most normal people are at work. God I love Fall Break.

Well then. Rachel and I are having a lazy day and Sarah is running around with her friend Kara trying to get everything working properly on her car. I'm so thankful my car is decent.

Hmm... The euphoria of it all )

Today Rachel and I are planning on going to the Bagel Conspiracy for lunch. That is going to be so damn good. If we ever get around to putting ourselves together and going that is. Mom is making green chile tonight so if we don't make it over there soon it'll end up being breakfast tomorrow or something. So yeah. We are also going to go to Wal*Mart, Smiths, and the storage unit to have random shenanigans. Rachel also wants to drive around a little bit and see the Farmpit. We're going to take a picture of her by the City of Farmington sign so that she can send it back to her college buds in Farmington, Maine. Won't that be funny?

Well then, that's the news for now.

Catch ya on the flip side.
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Fall break is October 16th through the 19th. I've decided to go home for that weekend if I can. I need to remember to ask for the time off the next time I work otherwise it'll be too late! I asked my friend Rachel who's from Maine if she wanted to go with me so that she wouldn't be stuck in the dorms by herself all weekend. She said she'd love to. I think it will be a lot of fun. I need to remember to verify with my parents whether it's okay or not, cause yeah, that's the proper thing to do. Besides, I don't want to go and get Rachel's hopes up for the excitement of it all just to have the plan fall out.

In other news, I wish I had a computer or laptop or something of my own. That would be nice. At least then I could change my icons more often.

So... I went to Old Navy yesterday with Rachel and bought more of those really comfortable track pants they have. They were on sale this time, so that was definitely a good thing. I was tempted to buy two pairs since they had them in so many different colors, but I held back. I don't really need that much pajama stuff after all. Besides, the only reason they had so many of them was because we went to that giant Old Navy that's off of San Mateo in a strip mall. That was fun.

I feel particularly flirtatious lately, but I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or not. Rachel thinks I'm totally boy crazy, and I guess maybe I am, but sometimes I wonder if I'm just a little pathetic about it, ya know? I wish there were more interesting things for me to talk about or something. Perhaps someday things will change.

I've decided to go talk to Russell tonight. I'm just gonna go knock on his door and be like, "What's going on with all this jazz?" because I'm sick of it bothering me. Besides, even if he says that our friendship is over, he's been avoiding me so much that it's not like I'll have anything to lose. I just want to resolve the issue in some way so that it doesn't bother me anymore.

I was so retarded-like at work today. It's a wonder I managed to accomplish anything. Thank goodness I was in the section that gets cut first. Don't know how I would have survived otherwise.

Hmm... need to go do some homework and quit being such a procrastinator.


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