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So I guess it must be time to spew a bit of my thoughts out onto this as I can't seem to focus on the homework I'm supposed to be doing. I'm supposed to be writing about Functional Behavior Assessments and why they're important, but I have no desire to read the chapter a second time and figure out what should go into my one-page response/reflection. Luckily for me, I have until class time tomorrow to get it done. Perhaps the inspiration will come to me in the middle of the night or something.

Seeing as how it's been such a long time, I feel I should begin with a sort of general thing to bring you all up to speed (as if you aren't already, as most of you are friends with me on the "facespace"). Here's a list:

1. Last fall I started in on a post-Baccalaureate program at CNM to get a teaching certificate. I'm intending to get dual licensure in Secondary Education (Language Arts) and Special Education. This will not only allow me to use my Bachelor's degree, but will also net me a day job. I've gotten myself an intern license so I can start working as a teacher while finishing all the stuff for an actual license (hopefully next fall I will be putting this to use).
2. [ profile] nicktheshrubber and I got engaged. Wedding plans are hectic and happening, though most of the big stuff is done now. We are still debating stuff like invitations, ceremony wordings, and what to make the cake look like. Ya know, the little stuff that you don't realize you have to do until you've done the really big stuff, e.g. finding a venue.
3. Spent a week helping my grandparents work on downsizing the amount of stuff they have in order for them to move from AZ to CO where they will have a safer, easier living environment. Scored some amazing stuff as a result of "keeping sentimental/valuabe things in the family." I got everything from a cast-iron Dutch oven to antique china teacups to a whole roomful of wicker furniture. [ profile] nicktheshrubber and I have added another bill to our financial situation in the form of a storage unit so we have somewhere to put it.
4. Rorschach is still around, and doing fantastically. He is a much better pooch than he once was, as he has calmed down in his older age as well as lost his paunch (he was getting pretty chunky for a while, but that another story).

Anyhoo... I believe I should be going as it appears that dinner is almost ready (Teriyaki stir fry!!! SQUEE!!), which means it's just about time for some Walking Dead, Deadwood, etc. Cheers!

This KMND News Update brought to you by Slackers. They're all around us! You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's "All Mandy, All the Time." Thanks for tuning in!
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Sometimes the silence can be deafening, even if it's not really silent.
The clock ticks.
The traffic whirs past.
The keyboard clicks.

And my mind can't think about anything productive.

So here I am... procrastinating in the sense that I'm not sure what direction to take my work. I mean, yeah, there's plenty to work on. In fact, there's so much to work on that that's probably why I can't figure out what to do. So it goes. I can at least say that for the most part I am making good progress on a lot of things. It's just unfortunate that I have designated a night for working on stuff and can't figure out what to do.

I guess I should probably go to the IT Pod and print out the reading for my class tomorrow so that I finish the work that is most pressing. On the other hand, maybe I'll just set it up to print here and clean some stuff up while I wait for it. Yes... the latter option will suffice, methinks.

Yay homework!
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Welcome to the Sunshine State... Forecast for today is Thunderstorms with a high of 81 degrees. It's pouring, which has ruined our plans for a beach day. However, we did manage to go have fun doing that yesterday.

On the other hand, I need to be writing my Poetics essay anyway. I'm having a really hard time with it. I've got a decent outline at this point, but I can't seem to start writing anything. This is also why I've got a rambling stream of stuff going on here. I figure if I can't write that maybe it'll help me to take a minute and write something else. It's only sort of working.

In other news... the trip has been good so far. We've made it to the beach once, and we'll probably go again on Thursday. Had a late-night trip to Wal*Mart wherein I bought my sister a schnazzy beach chair that ended up matching her beach umbrella (we weren't even trying to make that happen, but it did). Last night we went out to Robbie O'Connell's Pub, and then to Frank's for some free pool and inexpensive beer. Good times. We've also been eating tasty food, which will continue tonight with shrimp kabobs on the grill. Sister and I are going out with a couple of her friends for a girls night. Tomorrow will be spent doing touristy things in St. Augustine: Ripley's Museum, Old West photos, an Alligator Farm, and possibly a fort. Oh the excitement!

In the meantime, I've gotta try and make myself write something, even if it sucks. It's the first draft, after all. I think in order to do this though, I've gotta make myself stop watching [ profile] nicktheshrubber play Ratchet&Clank.



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