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So I guess it must be time to spew a bit of my thoughts out onto this as I can't seem to focus on the homework I'm supposed to be doing. I'm supposed to be writing about Functional Behavior Assessments and why they're important, but I have no desire to read the chapter a second time and figure out what should go into my one-page response/reflection. Luckily for me, I have until class time tomorrow to get it done. Perhaps the inspiration will come to me in the middle of the night or something.

Seeing as how it's been such a long time, I feel I should begin with a sort of general thing to bring you all up to speed (as if you aren't already, as most of you are friends with me on the "facespace"). Here's a list:

1. Last fall I started in on a post-Baccalaureate program at CNM to get a teaching certificate. I'm intending to get dual licensure in Secondary Education (Language Arts) and Special Education. This will not only allow me to use my Bachelor's degree, but will also net me a day job. I've gotten myself an intern license so I can start working as a teacher while finishing all the stuff for an actual license (hopefully next fall I will be putting this to use).
2. [ profile] nicktheshrubber and I got engaged. Wedding plans are hectic and happening, though most of the big stuff is done now. We are still debating stuff like invitations, ceremony wordings, and what to make the cake look like. Ya know, the little stuff that you don't realize you have to do until you've done the really big stuff, e.g. finding a venue.
3. Spent a week helping my grandparents work on downsizing the amount of stuff they have in order for them to move from AZ to CO where they will have a safer, easier living environment. Scored some amazing stuff as a result of "keeping sentimental/valuabe things in the family." I got everything from a cast-iron Dutch oven to antique china teacups to a whole roomful of wicker furniture. [ profile] nicktheshrubber and I have added another bill to our financial situation in the form of a storage unit so we have somewhere to put it.
4. Rorschach is still around, and doing fantastically. He is a much better pooch than he once was, as he has calmed down in his older age as well as lost his paunch (he was getting pretty chunky for a while, but that another story).

Anyhoo... I believe I should be going as it appears that dinner is almost ready (Teriyaki stir fry!!! SQUEE!!), which means it's just about time for some Walking Dead, Deadwood, etc. Cheers!

This KMND News Update brought to you by Slackers. They're all around us! You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's "All Mandy, All the Time." Thanks for tuning in!
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So here I am. In an effort to get myself writing my rhetoric paper that is due in less than 48 hours, I'm going to spew some stuff here. This is somewhat inspired by a similar effort I noticed from [ profile] sjester, who is apparently working on a philosophy of mind paper. Unlike her, who is distracted by weird boss/schedule issues, I'm not distracted.

I've come up with a decent outline of my paper--Ok, organization--but can't manage to start writing it. I think I need to do a bit more on that front. I had thought my efforts thus far were sufficient for making the whole thing just start to come together on its own, but it looks like that's not going to happen for the moment. Luckily I have all night tonight and tomorrow to work on this. Ideally of course, I'll get this paper mostly finished so I can work on the Poetics anthology project for most of tomorrow. I really want to get everything done by Saturday night/morning so I can go to Nick's birthday party stress free.

I am surprisingly unstressed at the moment, however. Mostly I'm just stuck and need to make myself do stuff. Truth is, I'm incredibly excited to finally be on the home stretch with all this stuff. I can totally pull this off. Then I get to go back to reading lots of fluffy novels and packing stuff and cleaning the house. Ya know, all those wonderful things I've been fantasizing about for the last month that I haven't allowed myself to do in the interest of time management with the homeworks.

Oh yeah. Tonight was the last class meeting for the poetics class. While I enjoyed the experience (learning a lot about stuff I don't know and all that), I'm definitely happy that's over with. There were certain aspects of that course that made it pretty difficult. I think my biggest beef with the whole thing was the extreme delay the prof had with getting us feedback for papers. I mean, geez, I understand the guy is having a busy semester trying to get tenure and all, but does that really mean it should take 2 months to give back 8 5-page essays from people. In his defense though, I think I'm just frustrated about that because it was feedback I definitely could've used on the subsequent essay project we had to turn in to him. As a result, my grade on the third assignment was not what I had hoped. I guess I have trouble writing theses that aren't somewhat general. After all, isn't specification what the rest of the essay is supposed to be for? Maybe this is why I'm not going into poetry criticism/theory/analysis. Ah well; if I can manage to pull a B+ out of the class I'll be happy. Naturally, an A- would be much better, but I doubt I'll manage to impress him to an amazing enough degree with the final project to bump my grade back up there. We'll see. I may end up shocked, and as long as it's in a positive way I'm cool with it.

Well then... I believe now is the time on sprockets when we dance.

"This News Update brought to you by Sprockets®. You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's 'All Mandy, All the Time.' This is your brain on Mandy. Thanks for tuning in."
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For some reason the title of a book I've never read seems an appropriate subject heading for what I'm about to write.

I've spent the last 8 out of 9 hours working on the midterm for my Rhetoric class. While I've made steady and useful progress, I've still got a long way to go. This has me pretty well freaking out since it's due Thursday and I'm working Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday night. At this point I'm crossing my fingers that--in spite of needing hours at work--that I'll get flexed at least one of those nights. Otherwise, I'm not sure how I'll pull this off short of not sleeping more than 4 hours a night for the rest of the week (and even then it's doubtful).

I admit I kind of slacked on working on this thing in favor of the Poetics assignment that was due on Friday, but it's not like I wasn't doing homework at all. In retrospect I feel like I should've done much more for this assignment over the last week though. I keep telling myself that somehow I will manage to pull this off, but it seems like my many hours of work on it tonight (my only solid day of homework available this week) has barely gotten me anywhere. To add insult to injury, at present I find myself so burnt out on the thing that my plans to work on it for another couple hours seem sort of silly. I'd probably do better to just go to sleep and get up earlier than usual tomorrow to do some work on it, but the stress adrenaline has me wired. Still more unfortunate is that when I sat down to try and type part of it up I couldn't do much more than stare at the screen; hence why I'm writing mundanity here.

Another thing in my stressed-out brain is the way all this school work is trying to destroy my relationships. Right now, my homework takes up so much of my time that my social life consists of hanging out with my friends while we all do homework. Regrettably, this is also the case with my boyfriend. For the past eight weeks it's been a debate between being behind on the reading for my classes and spending time with him. It sucks. I'm thinking I may only take one class next semester since I'll still have to work full time (still no qualifying for financial aid). I can't take this insanity again. Hell, I can't take this insanity now.

Grad school, you slay me.
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Feeling much better about things today.

I rearranged the itinerary for the FL trip to fly out on Friday instead of Thursday. This means I'll only miss one week of class, so hopefully it'll be much easier to manage to get everything done for that class. It'll also strengthen my arguments with the professor for him allowing me to make up work if I'm only missing one week of class. So yay; got that figured out mostly. Oh yeah, and I finally got the reading response questions so I can work on getting those done by Thursday.

The debate of which class to keep out of the other two classes continues. The aspects in favor of one class keep outweighing the other, but I'm making myself go to both classes this week before I decide. I'm just really ready to have that decision made. It also means I'll have the financial part figured out. Still haven't bought the books for either class due to this indecision.

I have baked 5 mini loaves of almond poppy seed muffins from a box mix in order to have something to take to the Sunday night potluck at work. I may keep one or two for home and just take three, but haven't decided that part yet. They smell pretty awesomely tasty.

I am pretty jazzed up that potluck is costing me less than $3 this week, especially since I'm effectively broke until I get paid on Friday. On the other hand, this will encourage me to continue eating food that already exists in the cupboards. There is quite a bit of it in there after all. It'll be interesting to see what my diet consists of by Thursday... I might end up living on pancakes for a day or something equally unhealthy/distressing.

Anyhoo... that's life for now.

"This News Update brought to you by Poppy Seed Muffins. Yay baking! You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's 'All Mandy, All the Time.' Thanks for tuning in."
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So... the more I look at the syllabus for the class I thought I was definitely taking, the more I get stressed about my trip to Florida at the end of September. It looks like my lack of a proper memory regarding my class schedule has become a cause for stress. Granted, I planned the trip before I was certain which classes I was taking, but I was always planning to take this one. What it was that made me think said class was on Tuesdays, I'll never know.

To get to the point of things...

The class in question is ENG 542, which is the class I signed up for that is part of the core requirements for the program I want to get into. According to the Graduate Adviser, I really should take this class as it will look excellent on my application. The dates for Florida will mean I'll miss two weeks worth of that class. Effectively, this is 4 classes by my professor's logic per statements in the syllabus/emails. Not only is this more than the allotted absences for the English department, but I'll miss a lot of class discussion and have to convince him to let me take a vocabulary quiz at a different time as well. So far, my ideas for solving this problem aren't the best. I mean, yeah, I'm intending to bring it up with him on the first day of class (I don't think I can figure this issue out via email). At this point, not only could missing so much class time give him grounds to drop me from the course, but I'll be inconveniencing him by asking him to let me take the quiz at some other time.

I'm starting to worry that I'll have to drop the course because I won't be able to get the grade I need. On top of that, the other two classes I'm signed up for aren't exactly the best for my application.

I know a lot of my stress is due to the idea of going back to school in general. It just really sucks that the one class I've decided I need the most is the one that keeps causing issues for me. I don't know what to do. I know I should just wait until I go to class this week and see what happens, but I can't help but feel anxiety about it.

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So... I've signed up for three graduate classes for the fall semester. I'm only planning to take two, but I don't want to have to deal with scrambling to find a replacement class if I don't like one. Hence I'm going for the process of elimination approach. I'm intending to apply to get into the English M.A. program for Rhetoric and Writing as part of my new found realization that I want to be a book editor when I grow up. Granted, if I can get an M.A., I'd be happy to teach as well.

Current schedule is as follows:
ENG 587 Genre Studies: Poetics Tues from 400 - 630 PM
ENG 640 Seminar: Env. Writing and Rhetoric Wed from 400 - 730 PM
ENG 542 Major Texts in Rhetoric Thur from 400 - 630 PM

The Thursday class is part of the core curriculum for the program I want, so I'm in that one for sure. It's still a toss-up between the other two since they both have their merits. 587 isn't exactly relevant to the degree program I want, but it's taught by a guy on the graduate applications committee (or so I'm told). 640 is a bit intimidating because it's a 600 level course, and also because it's a 4 credit course. Not sure I'm ready to handle that yet.

It would just be my luck that the one class out of the three I'm signed up for (with the intention of keeping two) that I most definitely have to take is the one where the professor is piling on the reading materials for the first day of class. It doesn't help that he keeps mentioning reading response questions in his email yet not sending them to us. What does this do to me? It makes me avoid starting the reading in the hopes that I will be able to think about the questions as I go. This also leads me to cutting down on the amount of reading time I have more and more. Some part of me feels like this is a very bad plan. The part of me that has a decent photographic memory feels like I'll be able to flip back through the readings to find the answers I want. More frustrating than the current influx of PDF files, however, is the fact that I ordered the first book for the class online last Sunday and still haven't gotten it. I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking I'll have to buy the book from the UNM Bookstore and return the other one when I get it. So much for saving money by getting my book online, eh?

So yeah... that's where the school thing is at. I've got some anxiety about going back to school since it's been two years since I got my B.A., but I'm sure I'll get over that quickly once the semester actually starts. For now, I will just try to stay on top of all the work I've got to do already.
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I haven't started studying for my second round of LSAT on December 5th. This is a bad thing. If I don't score better, there's no point in having dropped another $132. The problem is that I kinda don't care. I'm still having trouble deciding if this is what I want, but I need to follow through on my personal commitment to make the attempt.

Aside from that, I also need to start figuring stuff out for my application. Transcripts and the application essays don't worry me much, but I've gotta figure out my letters of recommendation. I need to figure out how I'm going to get in touch with the one professor I'm hoping to get a letter from. There is one other professor that I could potentially ask, but I don't know that she'd be a good choice. I don't know that I would consider us to have a close enough relationship for her to be able to write much about me. My other issue with this is that if I don't find two professors I don't know who I can ask to write one. My mom said that maybe one of her friends/colleagues that have known me for a long while would probably be willing to write something for me. I wish there was someone at work who I could ask, but most of my supervisors are a little less literate than I would prefer for the task.

I know I'll figure this crap out eventually, but I'm having trouble keeping my overall enthusiasm going. Bah.
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After countless hours of literary analysis and 2,237 words typed in less than 24 hours, I just emailed my final exam to my Contemporary Lit professor. I had better get an A.

In other news.... I'm free, I'm FREE!!

"This news brief brought to you by TextEdit®, the software that lets Mando escape the shackles of fall semester. You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's 'All Mandy, All the Time.' Thanks for listening."


Sep. 26th, 2007 04:13 pm
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I am having that freak out moment where I realize that I didn't read as far down in the email the instructor sent out last week and have just discovered I have an assignment due in an hour. Now, this wouldn't be a problem if I had brought my textbook with me today, but of course I didn't. Because we almost never use the textbook for the class in class.


*takes deep breath*

Ok... let's see how well I can bullshit my way through this.

My skills with the BS are intact as they ever were. I am finished with time to spare. Now let's just hope the prof goes easy on me and doesn't give me an entirely crappy grade.

*crosses fingers*

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So I'm setting out to write my first paper of the semester... Which of course means I have instantaneous writer's block. I have vague ideas about what to say, and not the slightest notion of how to spit it out on paper. Stupid open-ended reaction papers!

I would submit to you about where to being commenting on the satire of a contemporary British author, but I doubt most of you cats would know who I'm talking about. Not to mention I will have probably have finished writing the stupid thing anyhow.

It's Evelyn Waugh, if you must know...

I rather enjoyed the work, although the disclaimer at the beginning of American editions is quite unnecessary by today's standards. But hey, the thing was originally published sometime in the 1940s...

Goddamn writer's block. I shouldn't be at so much a loss for words as to be rambling on the LJ. Curses!

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Dear Responsibility Gods,

Before you chastise me for skipping my seven o'clock class, there are some things you should know. It would be silly for me to have gone to class. I haven't done any of the reading. I forgot about the writing assignment, hence it's not complete. Also, I haven't had my coffee today. I was already having trouble staying awake in my 5:30 class. Imagine how things would have been in a class I actually find boring! Just thought you should know.


P.S. At least I'll get my other assignments done on time! I'm working on them right now I swear!
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So I've spent the last hour or so at Blue Dragon catching up on email and LJ and all the usual internet shit. God I hate having to do this in a coffee shop, but still haven't managed to make the internet go in the new house. Somewhere in the move I lost the power cord to the WAP, which means I need to get a different sort of ethernet cable or something. I don't know... not my department.

Anyway... I've read some, skimmed others, and skipped yet others completely. And now, after having managed to sit peacefully in my chair for over an hour, the grouping of seats right in front of me has decided to fill itself with Hot Topic Clones circa age 15. Please shoot me. But yeah, despite seeming to focus on the negative aspects of my situation, I'm in a rather good mood. Just a tad cynical at the moment.

To actually talk about something that matters... Read more... )
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Those crazy jews! )

So I woke up early this morning to work on the Poli Sci paper. It's coming along nicely. I gave up on writing the Chaucer paper in favor of this, just in time for people to give me all the information I needed. Unfortunately, due to the constraints of time, I can't manage to get both done. So goes the war. Next semester, I'll make sure I have all the texts I need, even if it means I have to charge the damn books on a credit card. Of course, being that I won't have to wait an eternity for my financial aid, getting the necessary money won't be a problem. So yeah... spring semester is bound to be a better venture.

Well then... back to the paper before I allow myself to waste too much time.
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Woke up this morning feeling like crap. Which I guess is what I get for sleeping fully clothed. Or something.

Apparently I can write the longer essay ahead of time for my Chaucer final, but I can't find the necessary information online ANYWHERE. The closest thing is individual jpgs of the two original manuscripts from the 14th century. But I can't hardly read it, so I have no idea how this will help me. I emailed the prof last night, but she's only on campus Mondays and Wednesdays, so she probably won't get the email until right before I'm supposed to be taking the final. Just when I thought I would get a decent grade in this class, I'm wrong. Oh well. Anyhoo... if anyone out there can tell me the different orders the tales were published in (as they were originally found in fragments), that would help me beyond words.

Other than that... nothing too exciting right now. I'm scheduled at work tonight, but I forgot what time. I guess I'll just go in at 4 and see what happens. Or call them, or whatever.

And for now, I shall try and find the enthusiasm to write my research paper. Irgh.
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It's funny how a test can make you actually wake up in time to go to a class. Of course, it totally paid off. I spent a good amount of yesterday studying and wondering whether I would be able to pull it off, but the review sheet apparently covered A LOT MORE information than was later presented. Out of 19 possible essay questions, only 9 were on the test, of which I had to write three. Still, I managed to answer all but one of the short answer questions, and filled 8 pages of notebook paper with essay stuff. I figure I'll get an A on this exam which, despite only making it to class less than half the time, means I will get a B+ in the class. Awesome... I'm a slacker and still pulled it off.

As far as everything else is concerned, the Poli Sci paper is coming along slowly. I decided to write on something completely different, which means I'm sort of back to square one, but at least I know for sure what I'm writing about. And it will be easy as pie. Woot.

Tonight's plans include going to try and pick up a shift at work and later Whiskey Business.

I don't know whether the schedule at work starts on Tuesdays or Wednesdays though, which might make completing that last research paper interesting. Hopefully the case is the latter, or I just might be screwed.

I also found out this morning from a girl in the Chaucer class that I can type up the long essay for that final (on Wednesday morning) ahead of time. Suddenly studying for that has become much less stressful. Now my only problem is figuring out where I can get the info necessary to write the essay. Eh well.

Hmm.... guess I have more to get done today than I realized. Oh yeah, and somewhere in the midst of this I should probably eat something. That might be good.
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So, despite being exhausted and sick I drug myself out of bed this morning to go to my 1000 class. I had only slept for about 4 1/2 hours and then a few blocks from the house (i.e. too late to turn back) I realized that my long sleeved shirt and a sweater was not at all enough to brave the elements effectively. This is the first time I've successfully attempted to make it to this class since last week. The irony? Apparently the class was cancelled for today: there was no one in the classroom. My annoyances at this outcome are inexpressible. It was so damn cold out there.

In other news... club last night was fun with the exception of the weird drink I ended up with (and later exchanged) that made me woozy. Still have no idea what was in that thing, but a few small sips was enough to tell me that I probably couldn't finish it. What I want to know is... where the hell was the good bartender!?!? Eh well. Also wore the boots [ profile] cryptosporidosi gave me ages ago, and surprisingly my feet don't hurt despite lack of arch support. Yay for boots!

I'm now debating about whether to do that 2005 meme that's going around. Maybe later...
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So, after a rough day, a bit of entertainment.

A little laugh )

In other news... life is okay. I only have one more paper to write, so stress in that department is quickly lessening. Now if I can just figure out what to write about, then I'll be set!

Going to be broke for the next three weeks at least. I figure out my finances due to some recent developments/agreements and now must make about $1300-$1400 in the next three weeks. That will be an adventure for sure. I will be quite impressed with myself if I manage to pull it off.

And the rest, I don't feel like writing about.


Dec. 6th, 2005 05:03 pm
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And if you feel so inclined to read my paper for Chaucer...

Here it is... Sumptuous Implications: The Clothing of Chaucer’s Pilgrims and the Many Meanings Behind It )

Admittedly, the conclusion is a little weak, but the rest is sound.
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I got my paper about the Gettysburg address back via email this morning. Got 240/250 points on it, which is awesome. That's about a 96% if you want the math. Other than that, I have finally finished the Chaucer research paper, and it racked in at just over 10 pages. Also, in other good news one of the essays I was supposed to write for my political science class will now be counted for extra credit if I decide to do it.

Oh, and remember that list thing? )

In other news, took the menu test for Landry's today. There was so much stuff I didn't know, but they helped me a bit since they knew that my training wasn't as good as it should have been. I can't wait to fill out their little "training analysis" form. Anyhoo... going back to work at 6 to expedite so that I can learn more of the food. Which will be helpful, but is rather inconvenient in terms of my getting my papers done. Eh well.
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So the paper is coming along nicely, though not nearly so quickly as I would like. I was hoping to get it mostly done so that I could go to the District for [ profile] aequitus' karaoke debut, but I'm not sure it will happen. Of course, it is only 930, so there's still hope. On the other hand, here I am procrastinating as usual. I hope the prof doesn't take too many late points from my research paper. I've put too much damn work into the thing to not get a worthwhile grade.

In other news... I went to Denny's to grab some food and got charged for drinks for the first time in ages. Shitty. Now I remember why I seldom go to that place anymore. Well, among other reasons I won't relate here. Most of you know them anyhow.

*dives back into ocean of paper writing*


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