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I had some bills to mail out today, but rather than wait until I was on my way to work to drop them off in the mailbox at the post office I decided to walk the dog. It's a nice day, I had the time, and it seemed like a good idea to be a responsible pet owner.

My dog, Rorschach, has some habits when I walk him that I just can't seem to break. One of these is to sniff anyone who we pass on the sidewalk. Today, one of those people was a slightly elderly gentlemen in a many-layered tattered suit. Rorschach paused to sniff at him, but nothing more than that. Well this guy felt the need to say something about it, but I found it a bit silly.

He says, "Ya know if that dog bites somebody you're gonna have a lot of trouble on your hands."

The only response I could think of that wouldn't cause a ridiculous confrontation on the street was, "He didn't even touch you."

Now, despite my projective voice and relative audibility on the semi-quiet side street, he didn't hear me and I had to repeat myself. I left it at that, but couldn't help thinking to myself, "Thank you Captain Obvious. Now mind ya binness." Aside from the fact that Rorschach didn't touch the guy, he did nothing hostile and was properly leashed. I don't know what possessed the guy to feel the need to lecture me about my dog. It's one of those moments where I wonder, "If you can't handle dealing with society and interacting with others, why do you leave your house?"

Strangers say the darndest things.
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This was written for me several years ago. It was the night I met Miko and Christina at Blue Dragon Coffee House. I had stepped outside for a cigarette while the two nonsmokers I was with continued their conversation. It's nice to reminisce... I can still picture the moon, the little tables with their mismatched chairs that littered the slim patio of that place, the golden light from the windows inside that lit the table. Much of the carefree attitude of that night is lost, but the recollection is what keeps us friends despite whatever changes we have wrought upon ourselves in the following years. Oh, memories.

A Miracle )


Dec. 6th, 2007 05:40 pm
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According to Philadelphia police, Ice Breakers has taken the concept of candy cigarettes to a whole new level...

Hershey's new candy looks like drugs?

And in other news... apparently in some cases chimps are smarter than humans.
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So I've been kinda quiet on the election subject around here.

But I find this little bit of info quite interesting. Granted, by the time anyone else looks at this, I'm sure it will have changed. However, at the moment the spread of votes is only 1,303 with 99% of the precincts reporting.

Why am I interested, you may ask. Well, I was discussing this very subject with a friend last night (as we tend to do on election days) and he told me he had deliberately not voted on this specific race because he didn't think Madrid had a chance...

Do I slap him now? Or wait until the final count comes in?
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The whole "blind faith" thing I mean. I should say here that I would like to establish a distinction between simple "faith" and "blind faith": It is one thing to believe in the existence of a deity/supreme being; it is quite different to believe that absolutely everything that happens in the world is due to actions of said deity. So why am I talking about this?

Ok, so I'm sitting at Satellite Coffee with my friend Miko tonight, and whilst there overheard the conversation of several young people like myself (all male however). They were doing their Christian gathering whatnot, which is fine, but it was the conversation that bothered me. It was dominated by this one guy who was totally a jesusfreak. Now, I have had some friends of this nature, but this guy was totally over the top with it. He started off talking about how he was fascinated with the way God seems to have a hand in everything that happens in the world. I thought it excellent that he was so involved with his religion and all of that. I mean, kudos to him for having so much faith in his belief system, etc.

It was where he went next that bothered me. He started talking about how the war in Iraq stemmed from "the Lord" and His desire to spread the word of Christ. And I quote: "If I was in a country so corrupt as Iraq where they are clearly following the wrong religion and was being bombed by the most powerful nation in the world--which happens to be Christian--because of my religious following, I would realize that it was the work of God and change my ways."


How do you go from a discussion of "God is great and does wonderful work, yadda yadda yadda" to that? I mean, where the hell does this guy get off saying something like that. Does he really see all this as a holy war? I mean, granted that's what the extreme rightest republicans would like us all to believe, but damn. Is this truly the reason he thinks we're in Iraq? Somebody must be watching a really fucked up news channel, eh?

They then completed their little bible study gathering and the dude in question and a couple of others went "evangelizing." Talk about an exciting way to spend your Friday night. So weird.

So yeah, can I get someone else's thoughts on this, because I don't follow the news as much as I should. Nor do I have an intimate understanding of the way many Christian groups function nowadays. And I just don't get it.
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Ok, so apparently some of my friends have taken to sending me the strangest things via email. Because I have a twisted side myself, this is not to surprising. I also don't find it overly surprising that I choose to share these things with you.

Here's the latest )

My reaction? Lots of laughter as well as the vocalization to the empty room I'm in of "What a dumb ass!!"
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Sometimes when I walk between classes or around town I wonder about people's life stories when they are complete strangers. Nothing in depth, but when I'm bored I find it entertaining to assign life aspects to people based on their demeanor and the people they're with. For example, "that guy is gay but is only really proud of it when he's around his good friends," or "that woman is having an affair with that man, her coworker it seems, and doesn't want it to be outwardly apparent," or "that girl is insecure about the size of her breasts." Silly things like that which are probably unrealistic and most likely not true.

Do you ever do that?
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Although I must admit it's going well. In just two hours I've written a full 3 pages, and the words continue to flow. At least, they did until about five minutes ago. So I'm taking a break in order that my brain doesn't get completely burnt out. Not to mention I have to go to my Chaucer class in about half an hour. Which of course would be the ideal time to be considering a break, but as usual with these things I've hit a bout of writer's block. So it goes.

In other news, had an interesting weekend. I didn't make it to Oscillation on Friday, nor did I manage to catch the latest installment of the Harry Potter series in film. Which is okay... I'm sure I'll catch it eventually, perhaps this weekend while I'm in Farmington to visit the family. I only went to work on Saturday, and later made it to [ profile] djsparkydog's post-sushi get together at [ profile] elegantelbow's house. The butterbeer was a rather amazing concoction, and its warmth made my desire to smoke outside in the brisk weather all the more bearable. I think I might find myself making that stuff on a regular basis to keep myself warm through the winter months. Hey, it works for HP and Co., right?

Well then... nothing much else to report. My sleep cycle is screwed up as usual, and I spent most of Sunday asleep (hence why I'm working on the paper today instead of finishing it yesterday as planned).

Back to the writing!
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So because I've hardly been on LJ for about two weeks, I was way WAY behind on catching up with reading the friends page. And now, two hours worth of reading under my belt, I have an inkling as to what's going on with all of you people. Yes, I said you people. With the hair.

Hmm... lots of stuff going on with me lately, but at this point I've been staring at the computer for like 3 hours and my eyes are starting to blur the text. Considering I have better than 20/20 vision, that's definitely not a good sign. I guess I'll go do homework or something else of a similarly responsible nature.

Expect a substantial post in the near future as I intend to return to updating on a regular basis.

"This has been a test of the WMND broadcast system. This is ONLY a test. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming."
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Somewhere along the line--and I can't quite say when--this all fell apart. I feel some sort of hate brewing. I can't describe the sensation, but the right words are on the tip of my tongue. We pass each other on the street going opposite directions and there seems to be nothing but fear as you pass me by. I only want to say hello to a stranger. Too bad there's nothing more to say. We fill our short interactions with shallow conversation about the separate lives we've begun to lead as the world we created together seems to fall into disrepair. I feel it breaking around me and the loss of reality has me questioning almost everything. I don't know how we got to this place. Left in the mutually exclusive realms of our sanity. Continuing the opposition of a previous agreement that seems to have become null and void. The entire situation leaves me dazed and confused. As though my mind is filled to the brim with a hallucinogenic drug I don't remember taking. I don't want this trip anymore. I don't want the walls to move, don't want to lose my grip on reality, don't want to be in this artificial world that we pretend to share. Mind-altering changes must be made. This is a bad trip, and I just want to come down.
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I managed to get an extension on my essay that was supposed to be due today with the pretense that I've been sick all week and hence have had trouble writing it. I told my teacher I could get it to him by Monday. Hopefully writer's block goes away adequately enough for this to happen. On top of that, I hope the essay doesn't suck. As the prof says, he "looks forward to reading a great essay." Thanks for adding to the pressure their, Mr. Mathes!

On another note, work is going okay. I'm actually training a group of five servers this week, and things seem to be going rather well. They are quiet for the most part, but smart. I think they underestimate their potential. I need to find some sort of way to encourage them. Suggestions?

Other than that, life is okay. I've been really busy between work and school and haven't had much time to be social. Not to mention the sickness makes the whole world feel like it's whirring past me. I am moving rather slow. Taking lots of medicine to help rectify this situation.... hopefully it works sooner rather than later. I'm tired of this damn cough and lack of appetite. I don't think I've consumed 2000 calories in the last three days!

Well then. I think that's about it. Catch you on the flip side.

"This episode of 'In The Know' brought to you by Rorschach's Destruction Agency where 'we consume everything.' You're listening to KMND, Mandy Radio. All Mandy, all the time. This is Mando Calrission, signing off."
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So tonight we head to the Oontz. Hopefully it will be a good time. I'm sure I'll get to see some good people. Especially since one [ profile] enthralled323 is back in town. Words cannot express my elation at these recent developments.

In other news... I had plans to buy some boots today, but didn't make it to Gizmo's downtown to check out the selection in time before their closing. Which sucks, because I was hoping to find some to wear tonight. Eh well. Next week I guess. Instead, I have rigged the broken zipper on the other pair of boots I had so that I can wear them instead. It just feels like a stomping night, and one must have boots in order to do so effectively.

Well then. I believe that is all.

If there was something else you were hoping to find out, ask again later.
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I thought this was interesting...

Turn In, Tune In, Veg Out

And this was entertaining...

Cosmic Struggles of Cultural Proportion

Gotta love the analyses of entertainment media as a reflection of societal norms.

In Poli Sci

Mar. 1st, 2005 12:28 pm
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The teacher isn't here today, but has been replaced with some other random bald guy. He's writing his name on the board as if that's actually going to be pertinent to us. We don't even know this guy, and unless by some strange occurrence we have a class with him sometime in the future we'll probably never see him again in the classroom context. But oh well. I guess it must have something to do with the desire to reference it later in conversations with our actual professor. Who knows?


Wow... apparently the prof had a seizure for the first time in his life which included breaking a vertebrae. That really sucks.

Back to actually paying attention to class though.
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Even if it's almost like beating a dead horse. Since from what I understand there are a lot of people who have felt the need to post about this subject.

The Thompson Style: A Sense of Self, and Outrage
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I woke up this morning quite refreshed. Yet at the same time didn't want to get out of bed and go to work. But I did, because I'm a responsible person like that I guess.

Work was pretty decent. I did a moderate amount of work and walked away with $68 in hand after about 4 hours and tipping out $13. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

In other news, I have resolved to no longer surround myself with people I know are dishonest. I just wish in some cases I had figured this out sooner. I really need to start listening to my intuition as well as my friends. They truly do have my best interests at heart, and aren't going to lie to me about it either.

Anyway... I went to Youth Group again tonight. It was a lot of fun! The guy that heads up all of it, Paul, is really inspiring. I think it's safe to say he's one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. One of those people that makes me want to become a better person, to reach my full potential. Sometimes I identify with the things he brings up to such a full extent that it almost makes me cry. It's amazing. So yeah, another good experience.

Well then... I believe I shall be going now as I have a good amount of Stats homework to finish by tomorrow evening--in addition to making some phone calls.

...the flip side.
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I had a really busy weekend visiting my grandparents with my mother for Easter. We went to so many damn parties with their friends and hung so many pictures on the walls in my grandparents' new house that I didn't manage to get any of my damn homework done. Hopefully I'll get enough math homework done tonight that I won't be screwed if TJ decides to collect anything tomorrow. I just have to hope he didn't do that last Thursday since I didn't make it it class (had to do some econ homework, definitely a greater priority since my grade in that class isn't so grand). But yeah, I'd say I'm pretty well on schedule.

Other drama of the weekend: My grandpa only has webTV, which has no web browser. This meant I couldn't get on WebCT to get my homework questions nor enter the answers for microeconomics. They drove me all the way to a library in the next town to use the internet (which included taking time to get a damn library card, so if you want to check out books in Mesa, Arizona, let me know and I'll drive eight hours to get them for you, eh?) but then the WebCT was tweaking out and said I wasn't signed up for any courses. So I start to kind of freak out because my grad is bad enough. I sent my instructor an email, but this probably didn't do me much good since I couldn't check it again until today (much later than the due date for the assignment). Come to find out that she realized that WebCT was having problems and now I have until tomorrow night to get the homework done. HOOO-AH!!! I am so excited/relieved.

Now that I've filled too much space with nonsense....

Here's some more.

There's two girls sitting behind me in the computer lab that are convinced something stinks in our general vicinity. One girl has her shirt covering her nose! Both of them keep sniffing around to try and figure out where the scent is coming from. I am so utterly confused by this behavior. I don't smell anything!!!

Wow, if I've started to pay attention such mundane happenings as this I need to go do my homework or something. And you may all look forward to the completely ridiculous entry I'm sure to post later about what I didn't do over my weekend vacation.

I know, I know. I'm so lame.
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But anyway... I got a call from Laura Brainerd today. That was a surprise. I've been meaning to call her, but I hadn't gotten a chance. That's just the way things are when it comes to me calling people though. So anyway, she called to ask me if I thought the OG was hiring and such and we talked about the reasons why they might not be hiring her. She really wants to get a summer job serving though. I think it would be cool if we worked together. Oh, and she and I talked and she could very possibly move in with Sarah and I next fall. She would over the summer but she's already got something arranged. I think it would be kick ass to live with her though. So yeah, now I need to once again figure out some sort of plan for the summer or something. I'm supposed to call her tonight so that she can meet Sarah. Of course, first I need to go over to Sarah's and tell her about it. I think she'll be cool with the idea though. Mom thinks I should try and get a house at the end of this semester instead of next fall because there will be better move-in specials and more places available to live, but I don't know whether I could afford the rent for a 3BR house or apartment by myself for 2-3 months. It would be tight in the bills department that way. I mean, I know I could afford to pay for just a 2BR, but doubtfully 3. I guess I could try and find a roommate for the summer, but I don't know who would live with me. So yeah, if any of you cats out there are interested, please let me know!

In other randomness, David called me while I was working yesterday. No message as usual, but when I called the number back (because apparently his number has changed) and heard the voicemail message it totally threw me off. I was like, "Dude, why the hell is he calling me now! I'm so over this guy and this is the last thing I need!" Definitely don't want to get pulled back into that again. So I left a simple message saying who it was and to call back. Naturally, I haven't heard from him, but I'll probably get another random phone call in a couple weeks or something. Eh well. It just threw me off--in that nervous laughter sort of way.

Well then, I had originally planned to do my laundry now, but I decided I didn't really feel like it. Besides, I can do it later tonight anyhow. So yeah, I need to be getting myself over to Sarah's now because I have an incessant desire to continue working on the most recent painting... I decided to start another one while the screw-up gets totally dry before the white-out.

Catch ya later.
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Ever have those days where you want to be around people, but everyone you seem to come across just annoys the hell out of you? You find yourself surrounded by all these persons with whom you would usually spend hours on end and yet your only desire is to be away from it all? You shun your responsibilities, but find yourself thinking about how that's all you want to do? I feel that way right now. I don't seem to want to be around anyone. I feel really put off by them. I want to just gather my things and go to an all-night coffee shop, drink my mochas, and write my policy analysis paper for microeconomics (taking breaks from it occasionally to work on some math homework so I don't get burnt out.

My birthday is tomorrow. I wish I had more enthusiasm for it. I mean, I'm excited, but as I don't have any definite plans beyond going to work I don't quite know what to think of the whole charade. Tis a pity, I must say.

I wish I wasn't so far behind in math. It's become even more tedious than it was before. I wish I could still have the opportunity to drop the course, but at this point I wouldn't get a refund on my tuition. Not a good thing. Besides, Mom would surely kill me when she found out I'd wasted loan funding.

I was planning on just waiting until fall to allow for money to buy a laptop but I find myself getting more and more anxious to have one as the days go on. I keep getting on the apple website and drooling over the computer I want. I know, it's pretty damn pathetic. I'm to the point I just want to see how I can get financed for the thing and buy it. That would be nice. The Chad says he will get me a discount because he works at Sun Microsystems so I just need to let him know when I plan on buying. Of course, he's also getting laid off, so if I want to get that 15% discount I need to do it sooner rather than later.

Well then... I think I shall take myself over to the IryshMac's Coffee House now. They make the best mochas of all the places close to campus that I've gone so far.

See ya kids.
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It's really confusing. I get the email that says someone has commented in my journal but then when I get to the webpage it doesn't show. It's quite odd.

Anyway... I still don't understand people. How hard is it to be honest about things? I've encountered so many individuals lately that have trouble with the concept. And I just can't fathom why. But that's just people. My problem is that I can't just accept it, I want to understand.

Well then... for some randomness via [ profile] blue_drummer_3 Much love to the Holly!
FIRST JOB: Boys and Girls Club of Farmington, Piano Teacher
FIRST SCREEN NAME: mandy12052, and I still use it!
FIRST SELF-PURCHASED ALBUM: God, I've bought so many CDs I don't even remember. It think it was The Matrix Soundtrack?
FIRST FUNERAL: My grandpa on my dad's side.
FIRST PIERCING/TATTOO: Ears when I was 10. Still no tattoos
FIRST CREDIT CARD: Wells Fargo Platinum Visa
FIRST TRUE LOVE: Mark Rowland, as if I wanted to recall
FIRST ENEMY: Hmm... probably that Crystal chick I got in a fight with in like 10th grade or something.
FIRST BIG TRIP: To Maine from Colorado when I was like 4 or so.
FIRST CONCERT: As many people know, my pathetic self has never been to a real concert.
LAST BIG CAR RIDE: To Denver to visit Amber like 2 weeks ago.
LAST KISS: Pretty sure that was David (and more recently than you all think)
LAST LIBRARY BOOK: Some book about jazz music for my English paper last semester.
LAST MOVIE SEEN: The Rules of Attraction
LAST PHONE CALL: Brad, aka DJ Sparky Dog
LAST CD PLAYED: Bush, Razorblade Suitcase
LAST ANNOYANCE: People not getting out of my room so I could change clothes
LAST TIME SCOLDED: Can't even remember, how wonderful is that!?!
LAST SHIRT WORN: 3/4 sleeve maroon hollister shirt

Well then, that was quite entertaining. Hmm... I'd write more but I need to go get my laundry from the machines downstairs. See ya kids.


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