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So I started a painting today.

I have an idea where it's going, but I'm not really getting anywhere with it because I need to make some choices about color scheme. I don't want to rush through this one. This is the first objective painting I've done in oils, which excites me. It'll still be fairly abstract though. Hopefully it turns out well. Gotta take my time.

On another note, work went well. I've got to stop being the person who takes names all night though. It does a number on my back and I can't handle that. Hopefully I remember this--and actually take it into account--next weekend.

Well then. That's the news for now!
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This is too funny.

Thanks to [ profile] waterfluke for that one. Woot.

In other news... nothing too much happening in this neck of the woods lately. I finally had a real day off from work and school yesterday. I slept until like 130 in the afternoon and then painted all afternoon. I finished the Virgo so I can give it to [ profile] cryptosporidosi. I also did another swirl-abstract piece with Payne's gray and white. I'm calling it "Cigarette Smoke." This girl I used to know also commissioned me to do a Pisces, so I started and finished that. I decided I liked the new one better than the one I had so I'm going to keep it in favor of the original. Which is exciting.

But yeah... going to detour to the 7eleven and buy random stuff from the convenience store.
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Feeling much better now than I was the past couple of days. Talked to Greg about things and got that worked out. A satisfactory conclusion.

Painted on Monday night for the first time in like two months. Turned out quite well and I think I might make another painting tomorrow sometime.

I need to quit procrastinating about my homework. This is not a good way to start the semester. After all, I'm only taking 4 classes. This shouldn't be such a difficult thing to accomplish. I mean, I have hardly any homework!

I didn't go to my English class at all this week. Which means I only get two more absences in there for the rest of the semester or I get dropped. That would not be good.

Well then. I think that is all.

Going to watch Altered States with [ profile] asleeponthesun and D. now.
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Where you feel like there's so much you could write about, so much excitement to fill the pages, and yet you could care less? It's sad, but I'm having one of those days, or weeks, or something. I feel fairly content about what's been going on in my life lately, and at the same time, the moment I mention that I think of a whole plethora of things that suck. God, I'm way too apathetic right now.

Here's something I do care about...
I painted another abstract/non-objective painting on Tuesday at Sarah's and it turned out very well. I'm starting to lean toward the idea that those types of paintings are all I ought to do because everything else I try to do that has clean lines and such ends up kind of sucking. Well, except for this series of Zodiac signs that I've been working on, but even those are sort of an abstract. Eh well. I guess as long as I'm happy painting, then it doesn't matter what I do, but the truth is I find it most pleasurable whenever the product is something I like. Of course, the funny thing is that there are even times when I'm painting something and dislike it until I see the finished product... odd.

Hmm... I hope this seeming apathy ends quickly, it makes me slightly bipolar at times (although not enough to make me crazy).

So yeah.

Apr. 3rd, 2004 03:13 pm
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I should be getting in the shower right now and getting ready for work, but I don't really feel like going to work and thus am taking my sweet time. After all, if I actually rushed into getting ready it wouldn't take me as long anyhow. Oh yeah, and there's this really cool movie on T.V. that I'm watching (and that certainly doesn't encourage me to take a shower anytime soon). I just wish I knew what it was. I think it's called "The Transporter" or something to that effect.

So I painted this abstract piece, but I'm not really impressed with it. I've decided to white it out and start over. Of course, that'll help me get the thick paint effect I want anyhow, so it'll probably work out better.

Well then, time to be responsible and not be late for work.


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