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The first of the things I'm sharing is both silly, and exciting. It's mostly for [ profile] lotuschild03, because we talked about this once. I think [ profile] yayforninjas would probably be entertained as well. God only knows where I got the photocopy of these, but it was probably from a Spanish class I took in junior high school. I wish I was savvy enough to know how to get the sort of font this paper has, because it makes it all the more entertaining to look at, but alas.

I think maybe you're getting close to guessing what this is all about, aren't ya? Oh, and I'm putting it all behind a cut because it's long. Also, I'm copying the spelling exactly as it appears on the page, because some of it is... wrong but funny to me.

Canciones para la clase de español )

Tee hee.

"This News Update brought to you by Spanish Folk Songs®. You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's 'All Mandy, All the Time.' Thanks for tuning in."
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This is some cool shit, man!

But I think this one is cooler. It's a whole skit... and that's koo mang.
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Tagged by the birthday boy, [ profile] killbox.

Here's how it works, post your 6 CURRENT favorite tracks, then tag 6 other people to do it.

1. Iris ~ Sorrow Expert
2. Combichrist ~ This Shit Will Fuck You Up
3. Neuroticfish ~ Waving Hands
4. Iris ~ Whatever
5. Skinny Puppy ~ Assimilate
6. Covenant ~ We Stand Alone

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[ profile] shraka (now you have to write something, hah!)
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"And so brooding punk becomes sultry crooning. Dark melody turns to feisty pop."

To hear tracks, click here.
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So there is a most peculiar musical act at Blue Dragon right now. I can't quite figure it out. But it sounds like the guy is Irish or something... he has a strange dialect going on. Not sure how I feel about this stuff, but I think he's almost done performing, so no biggie.

Wow... now some kid (approx 15) is up there singing with the guy. Now this is entertainment.

In other news, that actually pertains to life, things are going all right.
I'll give thee a list... )

All right all right... I'll go study now. GOSH.
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Spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in Colorado in honor of the VNV Nation concert on the 7th. Kick ass show, I pity those of you who couldn't make it. The venue was quite decent and the light show was great. Ya know, beside the fact that the music was fucking amazing.

Other spare time during the two days there was spent mostly hanging out with Amber. Yay! She works at Mimi's Cafe and so we ate lunch there on Friday. And she got me free muffins before I came home! Tasty tasty buttermilk spice and pumpkin spice muffins. Other than that I bought a ton of JONES soda at the Super Target in the Springs. So I will finally be able to finish the collages I've been using the caps and labels for.

But yeah, good weekend thus far.

It was strange, but I woke up in a really weird mood this morning. Which made work almost intolerable at times. And I had to work a double. Not a good combination. I somehow managed to make about $100 for the day after tipping out though, so I guess it mustn't have been as horrible as it seemed at the time. I do feel somewhat depressed today, although I can't pinpoint why. It's been one of those days where I know something is wrong, but don't know what's been bothering me enough lately to analyze completely. But I'm rambling about this to the point that it's starting not to make sense even to me.


May. 27th, 2004 10:32 pm
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Is one of the most awesome fucking bands ever! They sound a lot like Sublime and I really like the lyrics. I was sitting here on this public computer in a lab and wanted to listen to the CD since I just bought it and brought it with me, but the stupid thing doesn't have speakers. What the hell man?

But yeah, many props to my friend Ben Damiani for introducing me to the band. I love finding those lesser known bands and falling in love with them. This is awesome!

Catch ya later kids.
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That is how Sarah labels NoFX. Sounds good to me.

I'm in kind of a shitty mood right now. Oh well.

I don't think I'll make any more discussion here.

Note to Sparky: I called you. You didn't answer. Blech.
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Thank GOD. I hope I did fairly well on them, because I'm not exactly confident. Hell, I almost forgot one of the algebra formulas. And if I hadn't remembered it last minute I would have been totally screwed on that test.

Well then. I feel a bit better than yesterday, thanks to taking Tylenol Cold for the last 24+ hours. Of course, due to the sickness I am lacking in my usual energy and enthusiasm regardless of my increased health. Too bad. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

Tonight I am going with Christine to a Jazz Concert in some Popejoy theatre here on campus. It's for the Jazz I and II bands at UNM. Hope it will be a good concert. After all, who wants to listen to bad jazz music for two hours, right? Luckily for me, this also counts as credit for one of my Jazz History assignments.

Sidenote: My typing skills suck ass right now. I keep having to edit. Blech.

Tomorrow morning Sarah and I are going to try and go apartment hunting to get an idea of market values. I'm hoping it will be a successful venture. Oh, and I'm all excited about moving off campus now because my mom says I can have my piano once I move somewhere semi-permanent. Woo hoo for that!!

Well then... I believe I shall let myself be taken in by the music now.
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So I got sent home from work because this table I had complained to the manager, Dan, and said I was rude. Then Dan comes up to me and asks me why they would say that "because there has to be a reason they would say that." I told him I had no idea what I could've done and I kept running through the things in my head, but he wouldn't accept it. He said, "Well, until you can figure out what you did, you're phased. Go home." So I finished up with my other table and went home. Which is fine because I've been feeling really sick today and was hoping I wouldn't be there too late anyway. I mean, I don't feel particularly bad, but my throat hurts a lot and I keep coughing. I figure if I would've stayed at work much longer I would've lost my voice anyway.

In other news, I have three tests one right after the other tomorrow morning. I'm trying to bring myself to study instead of going to hang out with Ben and Co. Maybe I'll read over my notes and call it good. That'll take me probably an hour or so. Then I can call myself quasi-responsible. Or something.

Damnit! I wish I would stop coughing. Stupid sickness.

Tomorrow night I'm going to some jazz concert type thing with Christine. Should be interesting. And it will help me get one of my papers done for Jazz History. Woo hoo!

Well then... shutting up now.


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