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In the past couple days, I made an effort to organize the things that were going to go into my part of the office/spare room of the new house. This led to a lot of anti-hoarding productivity. In the midst of getting rid of papers I wondered why I'd kept, and records that were no longer needed (like billing statements that are too expired--as in from circa 2006 or 2007--to be useful in the event of an IRS audit on the off chance that I ever get to be one of the people randomly audited by the Man), I came across lots of fun things.

Such as...
A poem written for me years ago,
A quote of something a friend said that I wrote on a napkin from O'Neill's Pub because it was during the days before twitter,
Lyrics to some songs,
A friend's writing on several napkins from an unknown restaurant,
Photocopied poetry,
Typed up published poetry from a well-known author,
Comic strips I'd cut out because they entertained me/made me feel good,
And so on.

In an effort to save these things somewhere where they are less likely to get lost, and also to share them because I find them enjoyable, I'll be putting these things up in several posts. If I feel the need to draw someone's specific attention, there'll be some sort of liner note or what have you. If they feel the need to ignore it, I'll never know. I'll be entertained either way.

Oh, and somewhere in the midst of putting all this stuff into cyberspace, I may finally feel inclined to say something more about life, more specifically, my life. Yay livejournal.

"This News Update brought to you by shows like Hoarders, CleanHouse, et cetera. You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's 'All Mandy, All the Time.' Thanks for tuning in."
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Time to take a bit of a break from that though.

Here's the current progress:
1. May have found a place. It's right across the street from where I'm at now. Can see it from the front window and everything. If the lady doesn't call me about our application tomorrow I'm going to call her.
2. If the first choice falls through, there's another decent place off Carlisle and Gibson. Will call them tomorrow to let them know whether Keia and I want it or not.
3. Bathroom is packed.
4. Kitchen mostly packed.
5. Living room and bedroom are coming along in the packing whatnot.
6. The job still sucks. I'm in the process of looking for a second job, either as a tech in Lovelace hospital (till it closes I guess) or maybe I'll go apply at the hell that is AOL. Hey, it's money right?

In other news, [ profile] intravenousants has made it safely to the Farmpit, and is now "enjoying" the company of her family. The dog is well behaved, but clearly distressed about this ritual of putting things in boxes as it is something he has never experienced. Other than that, not much.

BTW, is there anyone out there strong enough to help move my piano? Everything else I have can be moved fairly easily but that. So yeah, you all should let me know about that... I have a few of you in mind. FYI, I plan on moving all the stuff out of here on the 27th/28th, so if you're up to it, let me know. Of course, if someone has a truck or something it can be moved later in the week if that's when you're available. Thanks!!
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Wow... I am so stressed. It's unbelievable.

Things that have stressed me out lately:
1. Still haven't found a new place. Going to look tomorrow though.
2. Making hardly any money at the new job. Since a week ago Saturday: $315. I should have made that much this weekend.
3. Might not have rent for next month.
4. The bills keep pouring in via the mailbox, and I have no money to pay them.
5. My family keeps asking what I want for Christmas. I feel bad because I can't afford to get them anything.
6. I've only been scheduled for three days at work next week.

Things that have helped alleviate the stress:
1. Tea with friends.
2. ATHF care of [ profile] _prisoner_
3. Support/help from my family with what I'm doing.
4. School being over with for the semester.
5. My dog being good.
6. Lots of free boxes from someone on

So things are a bit rough lately. But it will all pan out. I'm hoping that the job just sucks because it's my first week. At least, that's what my coworkers are telling me. I have the next three days off though, and I'm thinking I might pick up a second job or something. Supplementary sort of thing, ya know. So, other than the stresses of moving/money, things are going well. Thank the gods I have such wonderful friends to help me get through this stress.
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Hey you kids in the 'burque...

This is me asking for any sort of moving boxes you might have handy. I know someone out there mentioned having some, and if they're still around I will gladly take them. I am totally willing to drive to wherever you are and pick them up. Also, if anyone has suggestions for good businesses to go to and ask for boxes, that will help tons.

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Halfway through working on the study guide for my final tomorrow morning, I have no desire whatsoever to keep working on it.

Of course, this may just have to do with the fact that I once again find myself in whatever sort of distracting/uncomfortable situation that further helps to prevent me from doing anything actually productive. I wish I had more boxes, then I could pack or something. Of course, at the rate I am filling boxes with the ridiculous amount of crap I have, there won't be room to do anything in the house in a few days. Which may or may not be a good thing. Eh well.

In other news, the apartment I was hoping to get was rented to some other random person. I am now back to the hunt while I wait for a call from the realtor regarding another location. Somewhere out there, is a place I will live.

Anyhoo... I would vent more, but I don't feel like being admonished or chided for it.

Good news!

Dec. 1st, 2005 12:01 am
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Today has been a productive day. Not only did I manage to get one essay done and turned in, but I got an extension on the ominous research paper that has been haunting me all week. So I can now work on it with ease and not worry that the prof won't accept it late. Hell, she didn't even give me a time frame; just said, "There will be a reduction in points for it being late, but just get it to me." So I'm aiming for Monday, but for a while there it was just sort of coming together, so it may not take me that long. I am currently on page 5 of the required 10. Hoorah.

Now, in the midst of what is preparing to be a semi-hectic work schedule of the coming weekend, I must attempt to finish the reading for my poli sci class so that I can get around to writing those two papers. Oh yeah, and the damn research paper.

Eh well... two weeks from now all this horror will be over. I can almost taste the freedom of school being out of session for a month! Steak dinner, here I come.

Oh, and I may have found a new apartment. It is down on Vail/Carlisle about three down from [ profile] moonsail. I just have to fill out the rental application and get it back to the realtor. Of course, I really ought to do that sooner rather than later or else I'll end up without the apartment. And we don't want that.
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In the ass.

Good news:
1. I'm packing my stuff to move into the new place.
2. I have all my rent money and then some, and it's not even the weekend. This makes me oh-so-happy.
3. Renee's Mom's friend's dog had puppies. I might get one (they're blue heeler/Australian shepperd (sp?) cross-breeds. Cute and smart, gotta love it). Unless I find a dog to rescue that I just totally fall in love with. We shall see.
4. Today is the last day of the stupid Stats class. This makes me happier than I can express.

Bad news:
1. I'm supposed to be out of the dorms by the 31st, but can't move into the apartment until the 1st. Didn't make a checkout appointment properly, and still can't get ahold of my RA to talk to her about it. This is almost more trouble than it's worth.
2. I'm depressed, but I guess the fact that I've come to terms with that and am working on getting over it, would make it seem not so bad after all.
3. Irresponsible me still hasn't made it to the financial aid office to talk to them about the amounts for my student loans. Eh well... Wednesday of next week is going to have to be it I guess.

That's about it for now. I'm really frustrated with the whole moving thing. I even tried to get the people at the realtor to let me have my keys early so I could move or something, but they wouldn't let me. Bastards. "The apartment won't be ready until the 1st" Bullshit bullshit BULLSHIT. This annoys me greatly.

Well then. In case you hadn't guessed it already, things are hectic, so I must go now in order to take care of things. Catch ya later (but hopefully sooner).
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Things are going much better. Despite the fact that some things didn't turn out the way I wanted.

I went to my court date on Friday morning. The stupid judge )

So then I went home on Friday and called the Verizon Store in Farmington because they were supposed to have ordered me a new antenna. Unfortunately, their distributor didn't have any in the warehouse, so it's been back-ordered. Lucky me. So I still don't have a new antenna and am putting up with the broken one. I need to call those people again and ask them about the whole shenanigans though. The guy at the store said they could mail it to me when it came in. I wonder if they can bill me or something...

The weekend was okay, though decidedly uneventful. I spent the rest of my Friday hanging out with Sarah, which was a blast as usual.

Sarah is down )

Well then... gotta go get ready for class and such, catch you kids later.
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I owe the school $1612 by the 4th of June. The billing for summer isn't working at all the way I thought it would. So I'm going to go in to the Bursar's office on Monday and talk to them. Or rather, I'm going to try and bargain some way out of this mess. I mean, I already have $990 saved up, but there's no way I can make another $600 in a week!

I was expecting all of this to happen like rent does for an apartment or something. Ya know, I don't owe for July until July actually comes?

Mom says she can help me if we have to pay for it all at once, but I hate having to borrow money from her, even if I'll just pay her back in the next month. Damnit damnit damnit.

So now I'm a bit stressed.

Did I mention that my car insurance is due? That's another $220 I'm supposed to be paying my mom since I'd gotten a bunch of stupid tickets.

Oh, and I just put new tires and got the alignment fixed on my car. $287 to the credit card with a 20% interest rate to pay for that sucker.

This wouldn't bother me nearly so much if it was gradual. I mean, I went from having to not pay rent or tuition because it was covered by financial aid to having a whole stack of bills to pay. Shit man, how am I going to pay my phone bill on the 2nd of June? Or my car payment two weeks after that?

Wow. And somehow in the midst of this I am still all uppity and happy.
Go figure.
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So I figured I ought to take the initiative for the first time in a while and actually write something down about all the crap that's been going on.

Last week was pretty crappy... I was a bit depressed and it seemed things weren't quite going my way. It took me a while to figure out what exactly was wrong, but eventually I discovered it all spurred from the fact that I am having personal space issues. Christine's lack of organization has finally started to get to me. I mean, if I can work 40 hours a week, take 15 credit hours and spend 15 hours a week doing homework and still manage to keep my stuff picked up, I'd imagine she can do the same. It's not that fucking hard, right? Unfortunately as there is less than a month left of living with her in the dorms, I doubt I'll bring the subject up. I wouldn't want us to fight about it and leave on bad terms. So I've decided to just grin and bear it until mid-May when I have my own room again. But yeah, it was really getting to me to not have somewhere to go that was just mine.

Speaking of living arrangements, I still haven't decided what to do for the summer. There's the option of living in the SRC on campus until August when we get our house/apartment, but it's rather outrageous at $500 a month. However, the list of things included at no charge in combination with its convenient location (since I will be taking a class this summer) do get a lot of points. But I'd have to wait until August to get a dog. I have called in on a couple of the "looking for a roommate" ads in the Daily Lobo too. For about $300 a month with utilities included I can live in a nice apartment with a couple people I've never met. One of the people I talked to even said I could have a dog. Unfortunately, in most cases I would have to commute to school. And the place that said I could get a dog would want me to stay there until the lease is up in September. Not really going to work for me, but seeing as how I'm not tied to the lease it wouldn't matter anyhow. But I wouldn't want to be all scandalous, ya know? I'm just not that kind of gal. The other option would be to rent a studio or efficiency for the next couple months. They run about $375 a month, utilities included. Not bad, and some of the ads even allow pets. The downside is that I'd have to move a bunch of my furniture twice. I guess by the time it really comes down to it I ought to just live in the dorms (since I get free cable, phone, internet, utilities, etc). After all, even though it seems expensive, once I take into account all the stuff that the package includes it's really not that bad. Hmm... I guess I'll go turn in that housing application now.

Oh, and any input on this subject from those of you out there with more experience in these matters than myself would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, nothing interesting enough to write about is happening. At least, nothing that you haven't heard about a thousand times before, and I don't feel like getting repetitive.

Catch ya on the flip side.
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For like 2 hours already and have yet another 2 hours to kill. Stupid Mondays at work not being busy. On top of the fact that, why in the hell do they have me coming back to work at like 545? It's going to have died off from whatever small dinner rush we might have. This is the second week in a row they have done this to me. I should just cut Monday out of my availability and quit wasting my time.

Well then. Now that the ranting is over, on to more important things.

Amber bought tickets for the Dave Concert, but could only get 2 of them. I'm not sure what to do with myself now. I think I'll call Drew and see what he thinks about going with me on this grass place that you can buy tickets for. That would be fun I guess. I need to go to the ticketmaster website and get more details though.

Hmm... I came to the realization the other day that I'm probably never going to talk to David again. Which is fine. But the bastard still owes me like $200! This is why I don't lend people money: I either forget until it's too late or end up expecting to never get it back. Hence, I only lend money to family members and the closest of my friends. Either way, I feel kind of idiotic about letting this happen. Such is life I guess.

I finally bought a scale after leaving my other one at Danielle's house over Christmas break. In the 2 months I didn't have a scale I gained like 15-20 lbs. Not so good. So I've gone back on the low-carb diet (not Atkins though, thankfully) that I tried last summer. Things are going all right but I need to figure out some sort of set eating times each day of the week to make sure I get my meals right. So far it's going fairly well.

I was looking at the classifieds for apartments/houses today and realized that real estate prices are slowly rising. This sucks. I hope they have cheaper rent and move-in specials when the end of May rolls around or Sarah and I just might be screwed. I really hope we can find somewhere that allows pets. I have my heart set on getting a dog!! I haven't decided what kind yet.

Well then. I believe that is all at present.
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Thank GOD. I hope I did fairly well on them, because I'm not exactly confident. Hell, I almost forgot one of the algebra formulas. And if I hadn't remembered it last minute I would have been totally screwed on that test.

Well then. I feel a bit better than yesterday, thanks to taking Tylenol Cold for the last 24+ hours. Of course, due to the sickness I am lacking in my usual energy and enthusiasm regardless of my increased health. Too bad. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

Tonight I am going with Christine to a Jazz Concert in some Popejoy theatre here on campus. It's for the Jazz I and II bands at UNM. Hope it will be a good concert. After all, who wants to listen to bad jazz music for two hours, right? Luckily for me, this also counts as credit for one of my Jazz History assignments.

Sidenote: My typing skills suck ass right now. I keep having to edit. Blech.

Tomorrow morning Sarah and I are going to try and go apartment hunting to get an idea of market values. I'm hoping it will be a successful venture. Oh, and I'm all excited about moving off campus now because my mom says I can have my piano once I move somewhere semi-permanent. Woo hoo for that!!

Well then... I believe I shall let myself be taken in by the music now.


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