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So I guess it must be time to spew a bit of my thoughts out onto this as I can't seem to focus on the homework I'm supposed to be doing. I'm supposed to be writing about Functional Behavior Assessments and why they're important, but I have no desire to read the chapter a second time and figure out what should go into my one-page response/reflection. Luckily for me, I have until class time tomorrow to get it done. Perhaps the inspiration will come to me in the middle of the night or something.

Seeing as how it's been such a long time, I feel I should begin with a sort of general thing to bring you all up to speed (as if you aren't already, as most of you are friends with me on the "facespace"). Here's a list:

1. Last fall I started in on a post-Baccalaureate program at CNM to get a teaching certificate. I'm intending to get dual licensure in Secondary Education (Language Arts) and Special Education. This will not only allow me to use my Bachelor's degree, but will also net me a day job. I've gotten myself an intern license so I can start working as a teacher while finishing all the stuff for an actual license (hopefully next fall I will be putting this to use).
2. [ profile] nicktheshrubber and I got engaged. Wedding plans are hectic and happening, though most of the big stuff is done now. We are still debating stuff like invitations, ceremony wordings, and what to make the cake look like. Ya know, the little stuff that you don't realize you have to do until you've done the really big stuff, e.g. finding a venue.
3. Spent a week helping my grandparents work on downsizing the amount of stuff they have in order for them to move from AZ to CO where they will have a safer, easier living environment. Scored some amazing stuff as a result of "keeping sentimental/valuabe things in the family." I got everything from a cast-iron Dutch oven to antique china teacups to a whole roomful of wicker furniture. [ profile] nicktheshrubber and I have added another bill to our financial situation in the form of a storage unit so we have somewhere to put it.
4. Rorschach is still around, and doing fantastically. He is a much better pooch than he once was, as he has calmed down in his older age as well as lost his paunch (he was getting pretty chunky for a while, but that another story).

Anyhoo... I believe I should be going as it appears that dinner is almost ready (Teriyaki stir fry!!! SQUEE!!), which means it's just about time for some Walking Dead, Deadwood, etc. Cheers!

This KMND News Update brought to you by Slackers. They're all around us! You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's "All Mandy, All the Time." Thanks for tuning in!
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To Whom It May Concern:

Herein lies the compilation of my XMAS list (a.k.a. #thingsiwantforxmas). So yeah, if you are intending to get me something and don't know what I'd want, here is a convenient reference for you.

stove top whistling tea kettle
Batman cookie jar
an invite to google wave
wine cork
tennis ball thrower for the dog
plastic martini glasses
Oreck clean air filter
the Complete Magic Bullet Express System
My Neighbor Totoro on dvd
Mad Max trilogy on dvd
quality paring knife or full set of kitchen knives
Battlestar Gallactica complete dvd-ography
Fantastic Adventures of Unico dvd
Unico and the Island of Magic dvd
a new pool cue (21 oz.)
up on dvd
apc membership
a gift certificate to the iTunes Store
a coffee grinder (where the ground up bits are separable from the grindy bits)

I should also point out that it may be useful for you all to talk amongst yourselves in order to avoid repetition (particularly as regards big-ticket items), since I wouldn't want anything to feel like a waste.

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These are the top 106 books most often marked as “unread” by LibraryThing’s users (as of today). As usual, bold what you have read, italicise what you started but couldn’t finish, and strike through what you couldn’t stand.

I hide the long list for you under here )
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(Click here to post your own answers for this meme.)

I miss somebody right now. I don't watch much TV these days.  (But still more than I'd like to...) I own lots of books.  (And can list dozens more I'd like to own.)
× I wear glasses or contact lenses.  (Despite my parents' near blindness, I didn't get that gene.) × I love to play video games(I wouldn't say LOVE.) I've tried marijuana.  (And I shan't again. Tremors and nausea are not a fun combination, or fun in general.)
I've watched porn movies.  (Once or twice. Not really my kink.) × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship.  (Thankfully, no.) I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I curse sometimes.  (Define "sometimes.") I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.  (I'm more likely to harm myself inadvertantly than someone else when it comes to sharp objects.)
it goes on... )
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I haven't made a real update recently because there isn't a whole lot of excitement lately.

Some events )

I'm sure there are other random bits occurring, but I don't care to think of them now.
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Today has been great, but I find myself focusing on my vices. I've been watching Walk the Line and all the ways Johnny Cash messed up in his life, and started considering my fallacies.

I'm forgetful.
I procrastinate.
I smoke too much.
I'm indecisive.
I fall in love so fast that I ruin it all by falling out.
I talk about the things I want to do, but never do them.

I find myself overwhelmed by negativity lately. I can't manage to see all the good things in my life. I only see the ways I'm unhappy with myself and the way I've screwed up. It's not that I'm depressed or anything... just pessimistic.

Problem is, I don't know why I'm still staring at the glass, imagining what's in it. The milk is spilt. I can't drink that milk anymore. I need to find some way to pour another glass and be content with what I've got. And try not to waste any more. After all, milk is damn expensive! That shit's like $3 a gallon anymore.
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Ok, ok, I'll come out of hiding for a minute. Here's what's been on my mind lately for those of you who might actually be interested.

1. In the past two weeks, your level of asshole has surpassed the point of unbearable. If you can't figure out what set me off, then you don't know me at all. Or rather, you don't listen. If I haven't responded within your time frame, it's for two reasons. a. I'm trying to let go of my frustration enough to be able to respond in a rational manner. b. I am not your bitch.

2. Don't bitch about us not hanging out. I've tried to make time for you, and you keep ditching me. Saying you're too proud to admit it when you're broke is a cop-out. You've told me that before. And excuse the hell out of me for considering my school work more important than fucking you because of a bet we made.

3. I totally won. You tried to screw me over and I turned it around on you. Fucking whore, see what happens when you try and fuck with someone who is more cunning than you are?

4. I stubbed my toe hard enough to break it. It hurts like hell and therefore half the time I can't think straight. Too bad the only thing I can do is tape it to the next toe over and wait for it to heal. In the meantime, I can hardly walk.

5. My dog is making me crazy. I often contemplate leaving him in a box on the side of a road somewhere, then I remember that I love him.

6. I'm actually managing to get school work done ahead of time. This is virtually unprecedented for me.

7. Don't get angry at me for doing something nice for you. I wanted to do it, and you deserved it.

8. I wish you weren't moving away. You are fun to hang out with. I guess I'll have to take a road trip to Oak Ridge someday. Maybe I will bring [ profile] cryptosporidosi. That would be grand, eh?

9. It frustrates me that the only time I mess up at work is when a certain two people are working. I wish they wouldn't belittle me and treat me like a child when I do it. I am just as much of an adult as these people are, they could treat me like a peer instead of an invalid. For Christ Sake.

10. Your philosophies are different than mine. I appreciate this, but don't tell me to live my life the way you do. Just because it works for you doesn't mean it's the route I should take. I'll go my own way, thank you.

11. Stop bitching at me about your fucking collar. I'm sorry I keep forgetting it. If you want it so badly, you could call me for once and schedule a time to come get it.

12. Are we even friends anymore? Or you just keeping in contact with me to get the money I owe you?

13. I hope the two of you are having a great time becoming butt buddies. I'm sure you have wonderful conversations about me. Are you enjoying yourselves?

And I think I'll stop there for now.
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It's funny how a test can make you actually wake up in time to go to a class. Of course, it totally paid off. I spent a good amount of yesterday studying and wondering whether I would be able to pull it off, but the review sheet apparently covered A LOT MORE information than was later presented. Out of 19 possible essay questions, only 9 were on the test, of which I had to write three. Still, I managed to answer all but one of the short answer questions, and filled 8 pages of notebook paper with essay stuff. I figure I'll get an A on this exam which, despite only making it to class less than half the time, means I will get a B+ in the class. Awesome... I'm a slacker and still pulled it off.

As far as everything else is concerned, the Poli Sci paper is coming along slowly. I decided to write on something completely different, which means I'm sort of back to square one, but at least I know for sure what I'm writing about. And it will be easy as pie. Woot.

Tonight's plans include going to try and pick up a shift at work and later Whiskey Business.

I don't know whether the schedule at work starts on Tuesdays or Wednesdays though, which might make completing that last research paper interesting. Hopefully the case is the latter, or I just might be screwed.

I also found out this morning from a girl in the Chaucer class that I can type up the long essay for that final (on Wednesday morning) ahead of time. Suddenly studying for that has become much less stressful. Now my only problem is figuring out where I can get the info necessary to write the essay. Eh well.

Hmm.... guess I have more to get done today than I realized. Oh yeah, and somewhere in the midst of this I should probably eat something. That might be good.
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I got my paper about the Gettysburg address back via email this morning. Got 240/250 points on it, which is awesome. That's about a 96% if you want the math. Other than that, I have finally finished the Chaucer research paper, and it racked in at just over 10 pages. Also, in other good news one of the essays I was supposed to write for my political science class will now be counted for extra credit if I decide to do it.

Oh, and remember that list thing? )

In other news, took the menu test for Landry's today. There was so much stuff I didn't know, but they helped me a bit since they knew that my training wasn't as good as it should have been. I can't wait to fill out their little "training analysis" form. Anyhoo... going back to work at 6 to expedite so that I can learn more of the food. Which will be helpful, but is rather inconvenient in terms of my getting my papers done. Eh well.
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1. I broke my phone in half. Don't bother trying to call me unless you intend to leave a voice message WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER so that I can in turn contact you.
2. The tension of a situation I had been waiting for wasn't nearly so bad as I had expected upon experiencing it.
3. I've eaten in my house once in the past week a) because people have eaten all my food, and b) because there have been no clean dishes to cook with for like two weeks.
4. My halloween costume is kick ass and awards me many cool points.
5. I haven't done my homework.
6. I'm going to look for another job.
7. I can't wait for my sister to move here from Florida at the end of February.
8. I need to walk my dog, but the only times when I can do that it's too dark and not safe.
9. I think I will slowly move my valuable things into storage. They are slowly getting destroyed and I don't want that to happen anymore.
10. I don't have enough money for rent this month. What a lovely predicament.
11. I don't feel like doing anything but am required to do so much. Like work and school and all that jazz. It's annoying.

God... I'm such a fucking pessimist lately. I hate that. It's not me.
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So I'm making a conscious effort to actually post things of substance. Whether or not I will succeed at this is a separate thing entirely. Whatever the case turns out to be, I've come to the conclusion that far too many of my posts lately are memes, which means in some sense I don't post enough about what is actually going on.

Anyhoo... since I last posted substance:
1. I made it to my classes but was too tired to actually pay attention.
2. I didn't do any homework.
3. I didn't sleep adequately.
4. Someone told me I made their day.
5. Didn't have enough money to cover rent.
6. Refused to borrow money to pay rent.
7. Began counting the hours until my checking account gets overdrawn.
8. Smiled a lot.
9. Pretended to care about random person X's salad and breadstick refills.
10. Looked like an ass while trying to make specialty drinks at work for my trainees.
11. Petted my dog.
12. Procrastinated about sleeping.
13. Was inwardly frustrated that I had to work instead of attending the weekend's events like everyone else.
14. Used a credit card to buy cigarettes.
15. Felt pathetic about how broke I am.
16. Laughed at my whole useless situation.
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I find it interesting to reflect on the way we pick up on the mannerisms of those people we surround ourselves with. The way we notice those things, and because we like the people who create them slowly make those things a part of ourselves. Embrace those things, own those things, to the point that they are a part of us like those people are an extension of the self.

I have a whole list of silly little things like that which I have made a part of myself, even though some of the friends I got them from are no longer around me.
Saying "ciao."
Having a crazy set of nearly unintelligible noises that are in some way a language, a way of communicating.
Making nibbly sorts of noises when I chew on someone's shoulder.
Llama hand puppets.
Wearing a dog collar as a bracelet.
Putting hairties around my finger like a ring.
Wearing pants with lots of pockets for convenience.
Singing with the radio.
Dancing in the car when I really like the song playing.
Hanging the cigarette out the window at a stoplight.

Little things like that.
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I have a lot of sporadic things to contribute. )
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I have successfully accomplished nothing today. Except that German final. Turned out all right I think.

Other things I did today that I actually enjoyed:
1. Going to breakfast with [ profile] cryptosporidosi. This "Range" cafe she has shown me is quite fantastic.
2. Taking a shower. Mmm Mmm clean Mando.
3. Not putting on make up. Mmm Mmm clean face.
4. Petting my dog. He's so rambuncious (and I have no idea how to actually spell that).
5. Phone conversation with [ profile] damndirtyzombie. His cat caught a fly today, you know.

Hoorah for a day off. Gotta love it.
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To those of you who missed me at air hockey: Sorry I didn't make it! And yes, I know it has been almost two entire days since this happened, and you have hence probably forgotten, but I still feel the need to make note.

Here's what happened: My friend Donnie called (some of you may know him from our friendly neighborhood Denny's) and we ended up going to dinner. At Trombino... much with the yummy Italian food.. Then we ended up hanging out afterwards. We would have gone to air hockey, but apparently he doesn't have an ID (there is a very long, elaborate story behind this which I can't remember enough to recount here). So we ended up just hanging out and listening to music.

So yes, I did have intentions of going to air hockey. I would not have said otherwise if I didn't have said intentions.

In other news...
1. I finished my damn research paper and turned it in. I think it turned out well. [ profile] cryptosporidosi suggests that if I really like it I should lengthen it and rewrite it for an honors undergraduate thesis. The idea tempts me. But I don't want to think about that until summer is actually here.

2. I actually have a rather good grade in my German class despite having missed so much of it. This does nothing to decrease my stresses about not being quite ready for the final.

3. Now have cable television with over 150 channels. I still can't bring myself to turn it on that often because I'm so accustomed to not having it around.

4. The current state of things with some of my friends has me worried.

5. My job has started scheduling me to host during the money-making shifts for serving. This SUCKS. I make about half as much money hosting, so I am rather stressed out. I feel like I'm broke, though I know I'm not. I need to talk to them about this.

6. [ profile] hannibalvail is interested in coming down here to see Hitchhiker's Guide on Saturday. Who else is coming?? [ profile] enthralled323 and [ profile] killbox, this means you!!! As well as anyone else who is inclined. There are no definite times yet, but probably sometime around 8 or 9. I will update as things become more apparent.

And I believe that is all. At least, it gets to be... I'm sick of typing.
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1. Mr. Florida went home today.

2. The paper is still not done. I'm turning it in a day late.

3. I don't feel like doing anything, but I have to.

4. Who's up for coffee this evening?

5. Or air hockey? Although I'm sure a good amount of you will be there anyhow.

6. I feel like my mind is slipping away, though I know not where it goes. To some sort of dream state, and man is that so like me.

7. Mmm... pizza for brunch.

8. Gotta start walking the dog. I spend too much time inside.
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But I can't figure out what. I mean, other than the paper, which I plan on turning my attentions to as soon as I'm done with this entry.

A quick recap of the important things that have been accomplished...
1. Managing slowly but surely to get the research paper done.
2. Cleaned the house. Thanks to the Haj for helping out.
3. Almost finished painting the kitchen cabinets... purple and black, they will look so fucking awesome when completed.

Here's what has happened over the past few days:
For the sake of your friends page )
So that is all that has really been included in the goings on. The usual boredom. I wish I had something more intriguing to contribute, but alas, this is not the case.
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1. Quit being destructive. I can't take it.

2. It's great that you don't care. But I do, and want to express it.

3. Don't tell me to share how I feel about things and then react negatively when I do.

4. Stop asking what's going on in my head. I don't know. When I do, I will share.

5. Thanks for listening when I need you to.

6. You make me feel beautiful, I appreciate it.

7. I know I'm a mooch. I'm glad it doesn't annoy you.

8. I'm sorry if I'm so easily annoyed lately. Still sort of in that weird place, although I'm spending more time being happy than not.
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The long awaited Florida update.

As seen on WMND! This is Mandy television )

So that was the wonderous vacation. Which I am still appreciative of. I got to see my sister for the first time in a year and a half. Got a break from work and school and stopped hating my job. And met a great guy. Yes, the Carlos guy is still a factor. In fact, when he told me that he would come to visit he was totally serious. He bought plane tickets for April 22nd through the 25th. Impressive, eh? I am both nervous and excited. But more on that later.

For now, I sleep.
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So there is a most peculiar musical act at Blue Dragon right now. I can't quite figure it out. But it sounds like the guy is Irish or something... he has a strange dialect going on. Not sure how I feel about this stuff, but I think he's almost done performing, so no biggie.

Wow... now some kid (approx 15) is up there singing with the guy. Now this is entertainment.

In other news, that actually pertains to life, things are going all right.
I'll give thee a list... )

All right all right... I'll go study now. GOSH.


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