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I haven't started studying for my second round of LSAT on December 5th. This is a bad thing. If I don't score better, there's no point in having dropped another $132. The problem is that I kinda don't care. I'm still having trouble deciding if this is what I want, but I need to follow through on my personal commitment to make the attempt.

Aside from that, I also need to start figuring stuff out for my application. Transcripts and the application essays don't worry me much, but I've gotta figure out my letters of recommendation. I need to figure out how I'm going to get in touch with the one professor I'm hoping to get a letter from. There is one other professor that I could potentially ask, but I don't know that she'd be a good choice. I don't know that I would consider us to have a close enough relationship for her to be able to write much about me. My other issue with this is that if I don't find two professors I don't know who I can ask to write one. My mom said that maybe one of her friends/colleagues that have known me for a long while would probably be willing to write something for me. I wish there was someone at work who I could ask, but most of my supervisors are a little less literate than I would prefer for the task.

I know I'll figure this crap out eventually, but I'm having trouble keeping my overall enthusiasm going. Bah.


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