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So I missed my English class this morning for the second time this week. I'm so irresponsible sometimes. I'm pretty convinced my partner on the latest assignment must hate me by now. If I get around to it I'm going to send her an email about stuff and offer to make up for it by completing a ridiculous amount of the assignment over the weekend. Hopefully she's not to the point of being pissed off and not willing to work on the project with me anymore. God, the woman must loathe me. But let's try not to be too negative, eh?

In other news, today has been a pretty decent day. I slept until about noon and then went to the gym. Walked on the treadmill for about half an hour and went about 2 miles. I love breaking out in a sweat when I do that stuff. Feels oh so nice. On top of the fact that it makes me feel good about my appearance and that's always a plus.

I don't really feel like going to work tonight. As usual Sarah's having one of her weekend events and I'll have to wait until I'm done at work around 1130ish to join in on the fun. Eh well, such is life I guess.

So yeah, that's where I am now, at Sarah's. She's neurotically cleaning around me and is mad that the people at the help desk aren't around to give her a vacuum. Such is life I guess. I told her I'm going to buy a vacuum type thing for her to use so that she doesn't have to worry about borrowing things from those people anymore. I need to go to Walmart and buy some stuff anyhow so why not.

Well that's all for now. Hopefully later I'll have come up with something a little more stimulating to write about (a la [ profile] jenday )
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And I can't quite say why. I just feel centered. It's nice.

Oh, and I haven't coughed for about half an hour and that's always a good thing. *sudden cough-age* Damn. Spoke too soon.

Well then. Nothing particularly eventful has happened recently. I've been doing fairly well at work though, managing not to screw things up to much and that always bodes well for me. Makes me like my job. Especially considering how things were going earlier this week, I'd say it's all evened out now.

So it's getting to be warm enough outside again to be flip flop weather soon. I'm excited! I don't much care for wearing shoes and flip-flops are practically not shoes, so they work very well for me. Oh, and my birthday is in 17 days. Exciting. I wonder what I'll do with myself, if anything. Hmm... I'll probably end up working a little bit, but I figure that'll be more eventful than lazing about all day.

Suddenly I feel inclined to write about nothing at all.

Hmm, this music is so soothing. "City of Angels" is such a beautiful movie, wouldn't you agree?

Well then, I believe I shall take my leave in favor of reading Anne Rice and playing with Magnetic Jesus Dress Up.

Fare thee well.
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And rather enjoying myself in the laziness. I'm in a section tonight where I'll get out pretty early too so that's cool. I still feel kind of crappy today as far as this sickness I've caught from Sarah. Of course, that might be due in part to the fact that I haven't taken any medicine today. I just have this cough that I can't seem to get rid of. I'm pretty sure I'll have lost a lung by the time I'm done with work.

Well then... I went to my English class today and we turned in our group project. A- for a grade. I was so impressed with the finished product of our efforts. I hadn't seen it until today.

So I had this nice set of fingernails grown out, but I broke about half of them over the last couple of days. Back to square one I guess.

Wow... I'm really searching for things to write about, huh?

Time to stop with this jazz.
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You betcha kids. I got my hairs cut yesterday and now have a nice set of bangs to show for it. I haven't had bangs like this in over a decade. It's kid of weird. And they keep poking me in the eye (cause they're longer). I don't know whether it will be continually annoying or whether I'm just not used to them yet. Probably a mixture of both. But yeah.... it's exciting and interesting and the like. Now if I just had a blow-dryer that worked in the outlets in my room (instead of using too many watts to work, like th eone I have) then things would be even more grand. And if I ever take some pictures and manage to scan them onto the internet things will be even better.

Well then... I don't know what else I feel compelled to write about.

This lady at work, Cindy, is intent on hooking me up with Nicholls, the guy I like. I have to admit I'm all for it, but at the same time I'm a little hesitant. First, I still don't have closure on the David crap (a story I still don't feel like telling). Second, do I even have time for this? Third, I don't exactly feel self-confident lately. Hmm... I guess I'll just let things play out. And hopefully when I go to work today and have to work with him it won't be all awkward. Yes, there are previous encounters which indicate the contrary is more likely, but yeah, I'm a wuss when it comes to this sort of thing.

In other news, my friends from the Denny's crowd seem to have fallen off my world and into another one. I hardly hear from them anymore. It bothers me. I like hanging out with them. I mean, I call them on occasion, but no response. Eh well, what can ya do?

Hmm... I think I'm done now. I'm a little too manic/busy to do this right now anyway.

See ya kids,


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