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A friend asked me today in conversation why I'm so obsessed with getting 200 books read this year. He seemed to not understand the necessity of the pursuit, or why I felt I needed to have such a goal. At the time, I told him that it was because I liked the anticipation of a long-term goal like this one, and the excitement it instilled in me.

I realized later that it's also because if I didn't set the goal for myself I wouldn't get around to reading the books I have.

I know this, because these books have been on my shelves for years now (about 3, I think), and I have hardly read any of them. Keep in mind that I've been out of my undergraduate studies for 2 years, so school isn't/hasn't been the excuse for my lack of reading that it once was. While I am still happy to report that I got rid of around 200 books last fall/winter when I went through the mass sorting and scrutiny of the books so that I only had books I might be interested in reading. However, in the following 2 months or so, I didn't pick up any of the books I kept. Instead, I read books I borrowed from friends, or books I bought, or whatever. I didn't pick up any books I already had. Realizing this in early January is what compelled me to come up with the goal of reading 200 books.

To be honest, I would consider it spectacular if I make it to more than 150. I'm pretty sure this is more books than most people read in their lifetime. I know it sounds dubious, but I've decided this as a result of my ongoing interactions with my non-nerdy coworkers. Most--dare I say average--people don't read novels and books unless forced to because of external forces (i.e. school). There's nothing wrong with that, but I'm far too much of a book worm for that to be the case. I read at least 30 or 40 books a year in a regular year. That's why I'm confident I could get to 200. I should like to point out that I originally considered setting the goal at 300, but considering that averaged out to a little less than a book a day, I decided it unrealistic for someone with a full time job and any semblance of a social life.

So yeah... if you thought I was just gonna read a bunch of books to be cool, you're a little off the mark. Yes, I'll admit I like how awesomely nerdy I feel as a result of my endeavors, but it's not solely that. It's a productive desire as well. I don't want to have to move all these books over and over. Books are heavy!

Also, what's the point in having a bunch of books if I never get around to reading them?

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