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Feeling much better about things today.

I rearranged the itinerary for the FL trip to fly out on Friday instead of Thursday. This means I'll only miss one week of class, so hopefully it'll be much easier to manage to get everything done for that class. It'll also strengthen my arguments with the professor for him allowing me to make up work if I'm only missing one week of class. So yay; got that figured out mostly. Oh yeah, and I finally got the reading response questions so I can work on getting those done by Thursday.

The debate of which class to keep out of the other two classes continues. The aspects in favor of one class keep outweighing the other, but I'm making myself go to both classes this week before I decide. I'm just really ready to have that decision made. It also means I'll have the financial part figured out. Still haven't bought the books for either class due to this indecision.

I have baked 5 mini loaves of almond poppy seed muffins from a box mix in order to have something to take to the Sunday night potluck at work. I may keep one or two for home and just take three, but haven't decided that part yet. They smell pretty awesomely tasty.

I am pretty jazzed up that potluck is costing me less than $3 this week, especially since I'm effectively broke until I get paid on Friday. On the other hand, this will encourage me to continue eating food that already exists in the cupboards. There is quite a bit of it in there after all. It'll be interesting to see what my diet consists of by Thursday... I might end up living on pancakes for a day or something equally unhealthy/distressing.

Anyhoo... that's life for now.

"This News Update brought to you by Poppy Seed Muffins. Yay baking! You're listening to KMND: Mandy Radio, where it's 'All Mandy, All the Time.' Thanks for tuning in."
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Which isn't all that exciting, to be perfectly honest. I've had another day where I actually woke up as early as I wanted to. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to get much done beyond a couple of chores around the house. On the other hand, it's still been a good day.

Today I decided I would finally fill out all the satisfaction surveys that have been piling up. Oh right, did I mention that I have a talent for getting satisfaction surveys when I go to places? I get one from Wal*Mart about 95% of the times I go there. I got one from Target when I went there the other day. I get them at Satellite Coffee all the time. So yeah, when I say I'm filling out all those surveys, I'm referring to about 6 surveys (I got through this exercise about twice a month). Anyway, I guess we'll see if I manage to win any of the contests this time around. I could definitely make use of a $5000 Target gift card or a $1000 Wal*Mart gift card.

Meanwhile, I've been watching "Super Size Me" on the instant Netflix. I already wasn't that into eating McDonalds, but damn. I can't believe he gained 11 pounds in the FIRST WEEK. If I wasn't opposed to eating fast food already, I'd certainly be a lot less likely. I should point out at this point that I only eat fast food a couple times a month. That is, of course, if you don't count pizza. I eat pizza every week or two. This movie is amazing. I think it's something everyone should watch, if only because it will make us all more aware of what kind of crap we're putting into our bodies. It makes me feel a lot better about my eating habits, even if I don't always make the best choices.
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So Alexan offers me some Japanese gummy candy last night and it got me thinking about sweets.

Man oh man do I want some of this stuff and some of these right now. That would be quite tasty.

Mmm... candy...
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I did a lot today.

I called in to work for only the third time in about a year and a half. Why? You might ask. While I told the people at work that I had a "family emergency" and must drive to Farmington, this was not actually the case. The truth is, I'm a procrastinator. And hadn't finished a rather large bit that was due in my Shakespeare class today. Read more... )

On a slightly different note, in about 15 days time, someone from afar who is of the less flaky variety will be here. Woot for that!

For now, I sleep.
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And procrastinating. I really don't feel like working on my stupid out of class midterm for Shakespeare. I mean, I know that I'm probably going to be insanely busy with Sarah this week and that I might not get it done in time. But at the same time I don't really give a damn right now.

My stomach hurts. It's because I'm hungry. I would have eaten breakfast this morning, but there wasn't food like that in our house. I didn't really feel like starting the day out with some spaghetti, so I opted out. Had a couple cups of coffee, but seeing as how that was about 3 or 4 hours ago, not really feeling the fullness of that anymore. I should go buy cereal when I get home. Mmm... Crispix.

In other news... I think my dog is going to be really mad at me when he figures out that I'm not coming back for a while. I left him inside until [ profile] cryptosporidosi comes back before to let him outside. It was way too damn cold outside to leave him out there for like 12 hours or something. Hopefullly it will have warmed up a little bit and he'll be all right. Just hope he doesn't get to mad at me in the interim. I think I will call [ profile] intravenousants tonight to let her know that he can sleep in my room at night. I have it all pretty well puppy-proof so there is a low chance of him destroying anything.

Hmm yeah... my flight was delayed like an hour because of the stupid snow. I need to call my sister when I get to Atlanta to let her know. But yeah, at least the plane took off today. The Delta website was messing with my mind last night. At one point it said my flight wasn't leaving until tomorrow. That would have been jacked!

Oooh... time for an in flight drink. Gotta go.
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So I'm at Blue Dragon with [ profile] intravenousants, [ profile] pvck, and [ profile] cryptosporidosi to listen to a noise band whilst doing homework. The guy is actually pretty good. I like it, though it's not what I usually listen to.

But yeah... ordered a large mocha and a pizza with white crust, the cajun sauce, pepperoni, and regianito parmesan. Should be quite tasty. I was totally craving pizza even though I'm not particularly hungry.

I've spent all of my free time this weekend studying in an attempt to get caught up on my poli sci and Shakespeare homework. Thus far it is going quite well. I've read over a hundred pages in Poli Sci and most of the play "The Merchant of Venice." Even started writing my response paper for the Shakespeare class.

I was supposed to go on a "laundry date" with Daniel tonight to hang out. It would have been nice to see him somewhere other than Denny's. He called me around 7, but I missed his call because my phone was in my room on vibrate. I called him back but he has as yet elicited no response. Too bad. I'm doing my laundry either way. And it's only 9 so he still has plenty of time to call.

Back to the homework though.
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This is why I love my Mac. Hope the rest of you who don't have one are enjoying yourselves living in the computer stone age.

But anyway... in case some of you were wondering, I didn't make it to that computer science class. As if I'm at a loss. I'm sick of listening to some guy go on about how to size and resize a window while I play games online. Gyah.

Dinner last night was fabulous. Thanks to those of you who decided to join! Love you all bunches. Oh, and [ profile] cryptosporidosi, if you want I can bring food next Monday in the form of bean burritos topped with green chili and cheese. Just let me know what you think. Have to defrost some of the green chili that's in the freezer and all if necessary.

Club was also a wonderous experience. Danced my heart out and judging by how much I was sweating I must have been getting a damn good workout. Not that I didn't later last night... But yeah, not too much detail there. All I know is [ profile] intravenousants and I didn't communicate too well because she thought I'd gone home after Denny's and went to the trouble of having [ profile] pvck give me a call around 430am. Too bad my cell phone was in my car. Sorry about that hon! And to pvck, thanks for calling!

Anyhoo... have to work at about 4, so I think I'll go take a shower now. Or maybe a bath... that would be nice and relaxing. Mmm... bath...
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Today has been a wonderfully good day. I always feel a lot better when I tell people how I'm feeling if they're bothering me. Especially when that's a pre-established criteria to a friendship. I just usually like to tell people about things in the right situation.

Went shopping and gave in to my consumer-whore-capitalist tendencies. But bought really awesome stuff as well as some random stuff...
1. Brita water filtration pitcher.
2. Trash bags.
3. Grapefruit-scented dish soap.
4. Physician's Formula Lash In A Tube mascara.
5. Cover Girl foundation.
6. Ziploc storage containers.
7. 4 prestretched canvases
8. Oil paint in cadmium red, cadmium yellow, veridian green, and alzarian red.
9. Angular shading paintbrush.
10. Mineral spirits.
11. Red hots... AGAIN! Woo!
12. 200 safety pins.
13. Classical piano CD compilation.
14. 2 Snickers bars.

I think that's all.

At present I am waiting for [ profile] killbox to call so that we can all go to dinner at Fei's Cafe for some tasty Vegan food.

Random subjection.... Adding links to the live journal is grand!
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So a couple days ago I decided I had a craving for something cinnamon. Red Hots in particular. So whenever it was convenient, whenever I found myself somewhere that might have these delightful little candies, I began seeking them. A bunch of us went to a 24 hour Walgreens in the midst of last night to buy Lucky Strikes (of which they had few) and I searched the entire store. It is most unbelievable that such a place as Walgreens at the time of year when these particular candies are most popular would be completely devoid of said substance. Talk about disappointment. Then after class today whilst walking back from campus I suddenly got it in my mind to stop in at the 7eleven and look for them. At first glance I found nothing, so I grabbed a bottle of Tropicana orange juice. As I was making my way toward the counter, I suddenly spotted them in my peripheral vision. Yes! There... close to the floor on the bottom shelf, nestled in between some NowAndLaters and some SweetTarts. Individual little boxes of Red Hots for only a quarter each. I bought 7 of them. And now find myself presently enjoying them with much ecstasy. Woo!
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So I find myself at present in a very strange mood.

Today started off well enough though I really didn't want to get out of bed ([ profile] hannibalvail knows why). Stupid laundry at 8am for my stupid job. Oh well. Work was all right... nothing happened to make the day go badly although I did manage to not send the food for one of my tables. They still tipped me well so it was all right.

Came home from work and el destructo (aka the dog) had drug my clean laundry about the room, chewed on a tube of toothpaste, and broken into Sarah's room to destroy a bunch of the stuff from her shrine. Needless to say I am not too pleased with the dog right now.

Oh, and my moronic self left my phone at the restaurant last night so today I had to go back there to get it. This of course was after ransacking the house to try and find the stupid thing. Guess I'm just lucky it got turned in.

And while I'm thinking about it, thanks for dinner, tall dark and sexy.

Anyway... too anxious right now, albeit for unknown reasons, so I can't stay still any longer than this. Besides, nothing else to say, as usual.

For now I go to a relaxed evening in the company of [ profile] pvck, [ profile] intravenousants, [ profile] cryptosporidosi and possibly [ profile] killbox. Hoorah for friends!
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So I'm feeling somewhat shitty right now and should probably be driving myself to Target or some other random place to get some medicine, but I haven't quite gotten around to that. I don't know where I caught whatever this virus is. All I know is that my throat hurts, my nose is running, and all the crap I keep swallowing (forgive the crassness) is making my stomach a bit upset.

On a happier note, I finally mailed my sister's package. It'd been in my car for like a week because I kept not making it to the post office before it closed.

Oh, and I went to Smith's and bought a ton of groceries to make green chile burritos. It's all put together and I'm going to let it simmer overnight. Then I'll have a whole crock pot full of green chile. Woo! I'm going to be all economical about it like my mom though and freeze half before adding more veggies to cook some more. Hoorah for that. And round about two or three in the afternoon I'll be eating some yum yum chile over a bean and cheese burrito. If anyone cares to partake, feel free to stop by!

Hmm... think I'll be making that side trip for meds now.
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So I'm finally making another entry. I'd been wondering when that would happen again, but life has been hectic. I have a whole pile of homework I should be working on, but since I've been doing that for a good two hours now I figured it was okay to take a break.

Of course, nothing more than the usual has been happening lately. School, work, sleep.

Ooooh! Here's something exciting. I went on a successful fast for 44 hours. Nothing but tea and water the entire time. I think it helped clean out my system rather well, so I will probably make it a regular practice in conjunction with slowly working toward a healthier diet. Speaking of health, Renee is working on getting me to join a gym for $30 a month. Not sure whether I can afford that right now, but I think I'll try and scrape together the funds for this month and see whether it's actually something profitable for me. Guess only time will tell.

Well then... back to the salt mines.
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Is exactly what Mom said to me when I woke up this morning (finally) at like 1100. Had I realized I'd slept that long I definitely would have gotten up earlier. Not that it matters too much because I've been in my pajamas ever since.

Anyhoo... the fam (consisting of me, the 'rents, and my bro) ate around 100 today because that was when the turkey was done. Ya see, my parents have this crazy idea about putting the turkey in the oven the night before and letting it cook overnight. Strange, but it works. So yeah, helped make the mashed potatoes and gravy and then we ate. Oh and I got a little non-traditional and baked a spice cake instead of a pie. It was good, and I've eaten way way too much of it already. I think I'll cut myself off from food for the night because I feel like I've been eating nonstop all damn day. I mean, I slept all morning, got up and helped cook, and I've been munching on all sorts of stuff ever since. It has been fabulous, I must say, but now I must stop.

Which is why I've decided to kind of distract myself with the computer. That and the fact that we've been watching movies all day and are now watching the same one I saw last night since my dad has seen most of the rest of them and Hollywood Homicide is the only one left he cares to watch. [Damn, that was a run-on sentence if I ever saw one.]

So here I am. Part of me is tempted to take initiative and take a shower and go outside or something, but the truth is I feel way too damn lazy for that right now. And it is already 900pm. So why bother?

Well then. Nothing else here I really feel like dwelling on so ta-ta for now!
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And my mom's slow ass computer actually works faster than the network at UNM tends to. Kind of disturbing/pathetic considering how new everything in the SUB is and what a fossil my mom's computer is. But yeah. Maybe it's just because it's like noon on a Thursday and most normal people are at work. God I love Fall Break.

Well then. Rachel and I are having a lazy day and Sarah is running around with her friend Kara trying to get everything working properly on her car. I'm so thankful my car is decent.

Hmm... The euphoria of it all )

Today Rachel and I are planning on going to the Bagel Conspiracy for lunch. That is going to be so damn good. If we ever get around to putting ourselves together and going that is. Mom is making green chile tonight so if we don't make it over there soon it'll end up being breakfast tomorrow or something. So yeah. We are also going to go to Wal*Mart, Smiths, and the storage unit to have random shenanigans. Rachel also wants to drive around a little bit and see the Farmpit. We're going to take a picture of her by the City of Farmington sign so that she can send it back to her college buds in Farmington, Maine. Won't that be funny?

Well then, that's the news for now.

Catch ya on the flip side.


Oct. 7th, 2003 11:45 am
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On Sunday night, I went on a date with the most amazing guy! I know I work with him and that you shouldn't get involved like that with people you work with, but yeah. He asked me to go and he's so awesome that I couldn't turn him down.

So yeah... here's the jazz about David )

So we didn't really know where to go so I asked Dominic when he was going into work as we were coming out and he suggested this place called Scalo. He said it was still an Italian place, but way better than OG. And he was SO right about that. It was very classy with mirrors for accents and everything done in kind of orange and red tones with black accents. We sat out on the patio since the weather was gorgeous. Our waiter was great. He even got the bartender to make me some random drink that was awesome. It tasted like some sort of candy that I've had before but I still can't figure out what. I had beef and mushroom canneloni that was to die for. David wasn't very hungry so he sat and sipped Jack and Coke. And we just kind of talked and chilled. It was so wonderful to go out with a guy and have him be the one driving and everything. He told me right at the beginning of dinner that he was going to pay for everything and I told him thank you of course. And then, when he drove me back to the dorm he insisted on walking me up to my room "because his mom taught him to be polite to women and he wasn't just going to dump me off somewhere and leave." Yeah, our room was a mess and I was kind of embarrassed, but hey, it gets that way every weekend and he didn't seem to care (needless to say, Christine and I have it pretty spotless now). So he gave me a hug and that was it. I don't think I thanked him quite enough for him being so nice to me. It's been way too long since I've had a proper date with a guy, and even if we don't do anything again (perish the thought) I've got a great memory of Sunday.
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Hmm... I suddenly find myself at a loss for words. I know there are a lot of things that I can include in this, but I don't really know where to start.

I was supposed to go watch Christine play golf at the tournament UNM is hosting yesterday but I had so much other random crap to do that I didn't make it. I tried to go earlier today, but wasn't sure where the golf course was. I found one close to campus, but I didn't see her car so I'm not sure whether she's there. The coaches are making the team stay in a hotel for some strange reason so even though I've tried calling her cell phone I have no idea what's going on. What it really comes down to is that I didn't get to go see her so now she'll probably be frustrated/upset with me. Of course, ya can't say I didn't try so maybe it'll be all good. I really wanted to watch her though so I myself am frustrated that i wasn't a little better informed about all of it.

I have to work like 20 hours this weekend and I have a paper due on Monday for English. I had a meeting with my professor about it (as the entire class did) and confessed that I wasn't exactly sure what to do. The conference was very helpful though. Now I just have to take the time to write it. I need to find a copy of the New York Times to do this though. I think. At least, that will be the newspaper that would be most useful in completing the assignment. Damn argumentation class and incorporating morality. Geez, I have enough trouble as it is trying to decide what my own moral values are let alone analyzing someone else's!! Oh well. I shall try.

Damnit. I have to work 20 hours this weekend. I'm going to ask for less hours next week or give up one or two of my shifts or something because this is starting to get a little too taxing for me. And it's not like I have to work because I'm desparate for the money or anything. I mean, geez, I know that I should make money so that I can start paying off loans and such, but yeah. What good do the loans do me if I don't get decent grades. Wow, this is taxing.

So I'm in the computer lab and there are all these people peeking in the door and watching everyone. I can't decide what exactly it is they're observing about us, but it makes me kind of paranoid. That and the fact that it's just plain annoying to begin with. Oh, they're leaving now. Good.

Hmm.... don't know what else to write about. I'm in too good a mood to start talking about Russ and his bullshit, so yeah.

I like green chili. Every morning I go to the dining hall for breakfast and have juevos rancheros. Yum yum. I think they need to make breakfast hours go until like 1030 or 1100 though. This whole 1000 cut-off thing is quite annoying. It means that on the days when I don't have class I actually have to get up at a decent hour instead of enjoying sleeping in. Why don't I just sleep in anyway, you ask? Because I have to eat like 11 meals a week to use up my meal plan. Damn me and forgetting to change it before the deadline. Oh well. I just wish they carried over into next semester. Then I wouldn't have to worry about this crap. C'est la vie, though.

Adios, amigos!
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God, I love it when I have a morning off. It's so nice to be able to sit around in my pajamas for half the day if I want to. I wish I was scheduled more nights and less days sometimes, but naturally that's not exactly an option with two jobs. Oh well.

Lunch was a total blast with James!! We went and ate at Johnny Carinos. It was pretty good, but it seemed to take a while for our food considering the fact that we were like, the fourth group of people to come into the dang restaurant when it opened. I was practically late for work afterwards!! The food was pretty good. It's hard to say whether it's better or worse than OG. I think they're about the same. I mean, they both have their strong points. I will say this though... Olive Garden has way better bread!! Yay OG Bread!! So that's my judgement on all that jazz.

Hmm... I went to a party after work last night with a bunch of people from work. It was pretty fun and I saw this guy Eric I like there, but I'm not so sure what I think of him now. I think, he's not as great as I originally envisioned him. He's a year younger than me and it's obvious he hasn't really figured out what he wants. Not that it really matters since I'm off to school in 3 weeks (still theoretically, yes, Amber). Meanwhile, Eric is someone cute to flirt with. Anyway, the party. Someone was supposed to be sent to get Smirnoff Ice for me and this girl Amber Van Damme, but the guy we gave our money to (this guy from work Denton) was pretty drunk and didn't pass it on to the people going to buy it. I did eventually get my money back though and in the meantime Amber and I occupied ourselves with a few shots of Captain Morgans (which I hadn't tried before and is actually pretty good stuff, but tingles and is much better in Coke). I didn't really feel anything from that though. I got bored and went home at about 1am. All in all, a pretty good experience that I think will bring me a little closer to the people I work with, which is good since I was still kind of an outcast. Oh, I ought also mention that it was nice to actually have a social life again (hadn't done anything in like a month).

Well then. My nails still look like crap and it feels like my appointment on Wednesday is never going to come. On top of that I'm worried that I might have to reschedule or something horrible like that. Ick.

I have a feeling today is going to be a really REALLY good day.


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