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I really don't like the idea of eating buthus martensii, but I really want to try this stuff. Supposedly the atypical added ingredient, smoothes off the sharp edge of the usual taste. However, I will force you to follow the link to figure out what buthus martensii are. That is, unless your Latin is WAY up to snuff or you have extensive knowledge of flora, fauna, and so on.
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I'm waiting for words. Waiting for a response. Waiting for inspiration to strike me in something other than the view out the window beneath which my computer sits.

I took the dog for a walk today. It's the first time in I don't know how long. At least a month, maybe two. He seemed to really enjoy it: sniffing, marking, running, checking to make sure I'm still following him. I found it calming to wander about the university campus, slowly sipping the latte I had stopped to purchase from the usual place.

I realized I must be a true regular if it doesn't matter who's taking my order yet the already know what I want, rattling it off before I get a chance to say much more than a hello. I finally remembered to give an offering to their tip jar today. I like the mildly rewarding feeling I get when I show appreciation in that indirect way.
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I haven't been that drunk in a while. Like I was last night I mean. I don't think I've been that drunk and not puked since [ profile] enthralled323's 21st birthday party, and that was a long long time ago. I'm sure there have probably been more recent occurences, but that was the event that came to mind to me as a comparison last night. But grazie to the people who bought things for me despite the fact. This is one of those moments when I remember why it is I don't do shots when drinking other things.

Mixed drinks+shots+short period of time=Very drunk Mando who does naughty/promiscuous things in public places.

So yeah... Many thanks to [ profile] intravenousants for taking care of me in my inebriated state, and giggling at me all the while.
P.S. Don't let me do that again, though I doubt I'll let myself have that much to drink for a while.

Even more confusing to me is that I only slept for about three hours, and still have managed to maintain my previous claims as the "I never get hangovers" girl.

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Oh my god...

I want this!!

It's like, the ultimate in espresso for one.

Oh, and hoorah for necklaces with skulls and so on.
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The best damn pub in the whole damn world is right here.

And yes... I've been there. See!! And here I am again!

I'd say that was the best St. Patrick's Day celebration I've ever been to.
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So this is my latest bit of mayhem from everyone's favorite Ooontz.

As per usual, I drank way WAY too much last night. And to those of you who may have found me a bit unbearable, sorry about that. I am obnoxiously happy when I'm drunk. As well as promiscuous...There was much with the kissing and groping on my end, and I have several people to thank for that ([ profile] enthralled323, J. and [ profile] damndirtyzombie in particular). My salutations for a wonderful evening. Unfortunately, despite the lovely evening, I missed the RAM show as well as Collin's set. Which sucks, but I would like to point out that I am not the one to blame. I was ready at 10pm, and everyone else was about 45 minutes later. But, like I've taken to saying of late, so goes the war.

Finished off the night by heading to G's house. Completely bypassed Denny's although we probably shouldn't have due to the fact that it took a bit for things to get going at the after party. But no worries... can't change things now.

So yeah, that was my night in a nutshell. Quite fantastic really. Many thanks to those of you who found it in you to buy me drinks ([ profile] killbox this means you). There you have it. Catch you on the flip side.


Jan. 14th, 2005 03:18 pm
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Closed my fucking entry window.
Now everything is gone.
As if this day could get any worse.

Still haven't made it in for advisement because the stupid fuckers turned me away again. So I still can't register for the class I want to take in the business school (MGT 306 Organizational Behavior and Diversity) because it's restricted. Someone please tell me why I didn't apply to the business school last semester!?!? So yeah, I've been there three times and ONCE AGAIN I have to wait to see someone because the lady at the front desk fucking sucks. She wouldn't even let me make an appointment even though I'd tried to make it to the stupid walk-ins for the past week. Stupid bitch. I harbor a lot of resentment for this, can you tell?

On a happier note, I still love jones soda. Thank God I can still manage to embrace the good little things in life.
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And naturally there is a party at our house. Care of Ozzy. And the fact that Sarah is willing to give up her party-hopping privlidges to let him have it here.

But yeah, worked all damn day so I don't have the energy for much.

This neighbor dude Vince is here too. Not sure what I think about the guy, but he keeps wanting to smell my perfume. Makes me a bit uncomfortable. But he seems okay.

In other news, people are coming into this room to play "beer pong." Sounds like a rather perplexing game. Oh let me tell you. So don't feel like getting involved with that.

Gotta jet.
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But anyway... Other than that bit of confusion, life is pretty grand today.

Here's what I did:
1. Went to German class. Always a fun and exciting experience. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
2. Went to work and made about $60. Not bad considering it's Wednesday. Many tables gave me compliments for a job well done, and that's always a plus.
3. Came home and hung some new stuff on my bedroom walls... There were some bare spots, but they are quickly dwindling.
4. Finally cleaned out the mini-fridge that I borrowed from Christine. It is now no longer full of gunk and could possibly become a designated booze fridge. That would be dandy.

In other news, finally met up with [ profile] killbox for the book exchange. We talked for like 4 hours at Blue Dragon and then at Denny's for a bit. Good times, and surely the beginning of more to come. Of course, one might venture to say that any conversation over a mocha is a good one (even if he drank Chai).

Well then... Sarah has walked in the door and we shall now socialize.

Catch you on the flip side.


Sep. 16th, 2004 03:05 pm
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So I haven't seen Sarah since yesterday. And I don't think she's been home since sometime in the middle of last night. I know she has every right to disappear and go off and do things whenever she wants to, but I can't help but worry. My philosophy class was cancelled today and I was hoping to go with her to hers, but I didn't see her walking and eventually gave up and came home. Nonetheless, though I know she must be quite all right, it still plagues me that I haven't seen her. I almost wonder if I did something that made her mad or made her not want to be around me. And that would be absolutely awful. Damnit. If I hadn't fallen asleep so ridiculously early this wouldn't even be an issue.

On another note, Cheese Soda kicks ass. However, cheese-in-a-can does not.
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Probably hasn't arrived, but I will make an attempt. But I'm going to keep this short since I need to get to bed soon.

This is what insomnia gets me... the inability to fall asleep despite having worked a double shift all day while simultaneously anticipating another the following day. I need to wake up in 7 hours.

Or perhaps 6 1/2 to allow time to get a mocha latte and be on a caffeine high all day. Yesss... this could be good. Besides, who can turn down an opportunity for espresso. Not I.

So... recent events... Let me think. Here they are! )

That's about it.

I have also resolved to start going to the gym for cardio every day starting Sunday. We'll see how long this lasts.

But yeah... going to sleep now.
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Yay! )

So here I am at Sarah's once again. I have to work for the next three days all day long. Gotta love the double shifts.

Hmm... I really don't want to be here anymore but I agreed to give Serouj a ride home. So I'm kind of stuck.

I went to Raley's on the advice of Drew to get Jones Soda. I'm so ecstatic about this prospect. I now have Crushed Melon, Green Apple, Strawberry Lime, and Fufu Berry in my possession. So exciting. Apparently the company wants to try and get Jones to all the cities that don't have it. Very much like this. Very much.

Well then. I believe I shall join the conversation now as there isn't anything else at present I care to discuss on the LJ.
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This is me in a good mood. So Sparky, you can't say that I'm of a mind to be upset of pissed off or whatever. Ya know, I've looked back through the recent entries I've made and I don't know wehre you came up with the idea that I've been all pissed off all the time with what I'm writing. But whatever.

My typing skills really suck right now, but that's probably just because I'm slightly inibriated. I don't think I spelled that word right.

I've decided I want a tattoo. I'm not sure where to get it, but probably just something small. I think I'll get Nick the artist (who's Sparky and Paul's friend) to draw something for me. That would be awesome. Hmm... I should probably save up for this expenditure. Anyone have suggestions for good tattoo artists in ABQ??? Please comment.

I feel really good right now. I had about 6 or more shots in approximately 30 minutes and I hadn't eaten anything in about 8 hours. So it hit me pretty quick. I don't think I'll drink a lot more though because I have to work tomorrow morning. At least I don't have to worry about driving or anything because I can just walk home when I want.

Eric is wearing orange boxers.

I'm having a grand time right now.

Oh and I found out today that they changed the schedules at work and such. So I'm off tomorrow night. I'm not totally sure what I'll do with my time though. There are so many options. Sarah and her band are having a party. Miriam is having a party. Or I could probably hang out with Sparky if I want to. I haven't decided. I'll probably just improvise as I always do.

Ya know what's sad? I still haven't made an entry about my birthday or club or hanging out with Miriam or anything. That's kind of sad. I don't think I'll do it now. Maybe I'll make a point of doing so tomorrow before I go out after work.

I think I'll stop now. I don't know why anyone is going to want to read this ridiculous entry anyway. What surprises me is the fact that I can still manage to spell things properly and fix my typing errors and such. Not that you care.

Bye bye now.
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I finally have the opportunity to make a drunken entry because I'm drunk and have access to a computer. So I'm taking advantage of opportunity.

And here is my drunken entry. I'm drunk.

And so is Noah and Sarah and Trace and Devin and Eric and Hannah (and Serouj somewhere else in ABQ).

Yay for being drunk. I feel really good right now.

Hmm... time to be bold. And take advantage of the fact that Trace is around I have a crush on the guy.

Ya know what's funny... It's taking a long time to make this entry because my typing skills are even worse than normal.

So there you have it... the first drunken entry of Mandy.
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So I worked all damn day today. And don't think I have sufficient money to show for it, but oh well. That's just the job sometimes.

So last night I hung out with Sarah and a bunch of random people in her dorm room. I met her friend Javier for the first time. He seems like a pretty nice guy and is a metalhead. And he bought Goldschlager for me, so I'm happy either way. So we all drank and it was grand. I talked to this guy Hector about art because I was doodling on a page and he thought it was cool. Apparently he's an art major and wants to email me his art work to look at. Sounds good to me I guess. Oh, and Sarah finished properly binding my journal yesterday. I'm so excited!!! It's done. She put a kick ass sisterhood blessing on it because she has now adopted me as an older sister.

In other news... I am still elated about renting a house next summer! This girl Kali that lives upstairs from Sarah in LDV says she wants to move in with us too. That should be pretty awesome. And of course I'm still on cloud nine because I get to have my piano. My mom says she might hook me up with a really nice queen size oak bedframe. That would be most comfortable.

Well then. The rest of my thoughts are too jumbled and chaotic to commit to writing. Thus I take my leave.
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So it has discovered that they sell Jones Soda at the Barnes&Noble in the mall. I am so elated by this that I can hardly contain my excitement. Of course, there's plenty of other stuff going on right now, but I'm trying to concentrate on the positive tonight, so I'm not going to write about anything else at the moment.

Except to say, for once I've actually finished the vast majority of my homework. Yay me!! Still have to go get help with some algebra stuff though. Blech. Stupid math that I don't remember how to do.

Wait... optimism. Optimism.
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It's a difficult thing to be hung up on someone. I'm slowly getting to the point where I want to give up on it though. I just don't want to. I feel like I'm going to explode sometimes... it's frustrating.

Hmm... Christine got so fucked up last night. Poor thing. I hope she really feels better this morning. I'm not sure whether she does or not. I hope she's surviving her qualifying stuff. But yeah....

I have to get ready for work now. And the job is always good since I spent more money this afternoon on a corset than I should have. But I'll get into that later.
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And I was checking my email and all that usual stuff. Then I got on LJ to read everything and I thought, well if you're on here you may as well post something. Then I realized that there isn't a whole lot I feel like writing about. Yet here I am, posting just because. Hmm... I spent a whole lot of money this week. But it's all good. I now have even more nice things added to my collection of clothes and such. Still enjoying the Jones Soda immensely. I wish there was a distributor for it in NM. But NOOO... there's abso-fucking-lutely nothing. That bugs the crap out of me. Well then. I believe I will stop writing now because this keyboard sucks balls and it makes me type all slow because you have to hit the keys all hard and stuff.


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