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I know I hardly look at this place, this livejournal. When I do it's much like looking at some clichè from a Warner Bros. cartoon or an old western... that moment when there's hardly anything there and the tumbleweed rolls across the panorama. I always tell myself I should use it more. Maybe if I take the time for this when I feel inclined to spill out my thoughts just for the sake of getting it out of my head, the inclination to pay a fee every year to avoid ads will actually be worth it?

My mom seems to think I write in a journal all the time, but truthfully it only happens every couple of months (either in paper or electronically). I want to change that. I want to allow myself to take the time to organize my crowded thoughts. I'm often the sort of person who can't think clearly about things without removing them from my head in some fashion--whether it's writing it down or just having someone who'll listen with a willingness to do nothing more than help me get things straight. Being that my work keeps me so busy, I think I should use the electronic option more often. Maybe I'll even get the occasional bit of feedback!

For now, though, I must prepare to take Rorschach for his annual appointment.


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Ok, people. I need your help with something.

As many of you know, [ profile] lotuschild03 has just left for a three-week-long trip to other states. The point being he has left behind many tasty veggies that I'm not familiar with using to cook. I'm thinking I will make a stew, but I'm not sure what else to throw in there to make it taste good. So I'm asking for your input here, since I know many of you cook very tasty concoctions.

The veggies I'm no good at include:
brussel sprouts

Additional veggies in stock include:
Yellow onions

There is also some chicken and sausages in the fridge/freezer as an FYI.
I am willing to buy additional items to put in the stew.

The whole issue is that I'm worried I'm gonna put all this stuff in a pot with some other stuff and it's gonna taste awful. I don't wanna waste food, so help a sistah out, eh?
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Which isn't all that exciting, to be perfectly honest. I've had another day where I actually woke up as early as I wanted to. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to get much done beyond a couple of chores around the house. On the other hand, it's still been a good day.

Today I decided I would finally fill out all the satisfaction surveys that have been piling up. Oh right, did I mention that I have a talent for getting satisfaction surveys when I go to places? I get one from Wal*Mart about 95% of the times I go there. I got one from Target when I went there the other day. I get them at Satellite Coffee all the time. So yeah, when I say I'm filling out all those surveys, I'm referring to about 6 surveys (I got through this exercise about twice a month). Anyway, I guess we'll see if I manage to win any of the contests this time around. I could definitely make use of a $5000 Target gift card or a $1000 Wal*Mart gift card.

Meanwhile, I've been watching "Super Size Me" on the instant Netflix. I already wasn't that into eating McDonalds, but damn. I can't believe he gained 11 pounds in the FIRST WEEK. If I wasn't opposed to eating fast food already, I'd certainly be a lot less likely. I should point out at this point that I only eat fast food a couple times a month. That is, of course, if you don't count pizza. I eat pizza every week or two. This movie is amazing. I think it's something everyone should watch, if only because it will make us all more aware of what kind of crap we're putting into our bodies. It makes me feel a lot better about my eating habits, even if I don't always make the best choices.
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To Whom It May Concern:

Herein lies the compilation of my XMAS list (a.k.a. #thingsiwantforxmas). So yeah, if you are intending to get me something and don't know what I'd want, here is a convenient reference for you.

stove top whistling tea kettle
Batman cookie jar
an invite to google wave
wine cork
tennis ball thrower for the dog
plastic martini glasses
Oreck clean air filter
the Complete Magic Bullet Express System
My Neighbor Totoro on dvd
Mad Max trilogy on dvd
quality paring knife or full set of kitchen knives
Battlestar Gallactica complete dvd-ography
Fantastic Adventures of Unico dvd
Unico and the Island of Magic dvd
a new pool cue (21 oz.)
up on dvd
apc membership
a gift certificate to the iTunes Store
a coffee grinder (where the ground up bits are separable from the grindy bits)

I should also point out that it may be useful for you all to talk amongst yourselves in order to avoid repetition (particularly as regards big-ticket items), since I wouldn't want anything to feel like a waste.

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A cool new way to embrace the eco-friendly side of yourself. See it here!
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I really don't like the idea of eating buthus martensii, but I really want to try this stuff. Supposedly the atypical added ingredient, smoothes off the sharp edge of the usual taste. However, I will force you to follow the link to figure out what buthus martensii are. That is, unless your Latin is WAY up to snuff or you have extensive knowledge of flora, fauna, and so on.
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Remember the scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with the scratch-n-sniff wallpaper? It's been done, and you can buy it! Go here to check it out. Tutti-frutti, banana, and cherry among a few others.

I feel like I should be disturbed that someone has gone that far, but I'm quite entertained, really.
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The irony of the political statement entertains me. I kinda want the sticker...
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Custom cool shaped computer mice are HERE. I am particularly entertained by the skull&bones...

However, I am disgusted by the diamond studded flower mouse... Who the hell has $23,250 for a mouse!?! Oh that's right, corporate slime.
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...took them fucking long enough...
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These are too cool!

Particularly the skull & crossbones pattern...
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Ok... so the utility bill I got in November was huge. At least, it seemed that way to me. I mean, it jumped from being like $70-80 to $125, and it didn't seem like we'd used that much more gas to heat the house (this is what accounted for the change in price as the electrical usage has been the same all year).

Miko and I freaked out and decided we wouldn't turn on the heat as much.

Now, after having gone through the discomfort of living in a house that always feels cold to me I got the bill for December. Dude it's like $140!!! Somehow running the heater less meant that we ended up using more gas! WTF? It's not like the price per therm went up much this month (a mere 4 cents as opposed to the 22 cent jump it took between October and November).

Point of all this ranting: I'm broke enough already without having to deal with consistently substantial heating costs. I've also decided that if it's going to end up using more heat to leave the heater off I'm just giving up on that concept. I'll keep the house at a warmer temperature instead.

Ok I'm done now. Besides, I have a busy day ahead of me and ought to get some sleep before I go running about.

"This opinion editorial brought to you by one of the many users of Public Service. You heard it first on KMND, Mandy Radio: 'All Mandy, All the Time.'"
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Oh my god...

I want this!!

It's like, the ultimate in espresso for one.

Oh, and hoorah for necklaces with skulls and so on.
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So tonight we head to the Oontz. Hopefully it will be a good time. I'm sure I'll get to see some good people. Especially since one [ profile] enthralled323 is back in town. Words cannot express my elation at these recent developments.

In other news... I had plans to buy some boots today, but didn't make it to Gizmo's downtown to check out the selection in time before their closing. Which sucks, because I was hoping to find some to wear tonight. Eh well. Next week I guess. Instead, I have rigged the broken zipper on the other pair of boots I had so that I can wear them instead. It just feels like a stomping night, and one must have boots in order to do so effectively.

Well then. I believe that is all.

If there was something else you were hoping to find out, ask again later.
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Me gustaria a verte ahorita, pero no puedo. No se donde estas, y esta bien. Todavia, esto cambia nada.

And now, we change from the telenovela...
Negligee is a great word. I just can't spell it. Hey, do any of you kids know how to insert accents over letters here in LJ? That would be some useful information for me.

Hmm... yeah, this is turning out to be a pointless entry. So goes the war.

I must go buy pants and shoes and various other articles of clothing now. Catch you kids on the flip side.

Free iPod?

Feb. 25th, 2005 03:45 pm
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So right now I'm at some website working on getting a free iPod. I have to sign up for two incentive offers, which sucks, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. So we'll see if this works. And if not then I still get a teeth whitening system for $6.95 (shipping) and 6 books from The Literary Guild for only $2. Which is cool. But I really want the iPod or I wouldn't be doing this. After all, who doesn't want an iPod for like... what is it? $8.95? It's a 40GB one too, which kicks ass. I just have to wait to get the thing. But it's still uber-exciting. Woot.

On another note, this is one of my new icons. Too fucking funny.

I have to be to work in like 30 minutes though. This damn page needs to hurry up and load!
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Today has been a wonderfully good day. I always feel a lot better when I tell people how I'm feeling if they're bothering me. Especially when that's a pre-established criteria to a friendship. I just usually like to tell people about things in the right situation.

Went shopping and gave in to my consumer-whore-capitalist tendencies. But bought really awesome stuff as well as some random stuff...
1. Brita water filtration pitcher.
2. Trash bags.
3. Grapefruit-scented dish soap.
4. Physician's Formula Lash In A Tube mascara.
5. Cover Girl foundation.
6. Ziploc storage containers.
7. 4 prestretched canvases
8. Oil paint in cadmium red, cadmium yellow, veridian green, and alzarian red.
9. Angular shading paintbrush.
10. Mineral spirits.
11. Red hots... AGAIN! Woo!
12. 200 safety pins.
13. Classical piano CD compilation.
14. 2 Snickers bars.

I think that's all.

At present I am waiting for [ profile] killbox to call so that we can all go to dinner at Fei's Cafe for some tasty Vegan food.

Random subjection.... Adding links to the live journal is grand!
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Man oh man, life is good right now.

Had a fantastic New Year's Eve. Nice to spend some time with some intelligent people. Spent money I don't have on a bunch of clothes at the Buckle. I had the intention of going in to buy another pair of jeans, but instead bought two pairs of jeans, a shirt, boots (yay mark-down), sandals, and a skirt. I'm such a sucker for the suggestive sale!

In other news:
5 days until VNV in Denver
16 days until semester starts
67 days until my 21st birthday

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I owe the school $1612 by the 4th of June. The billing for summer isn't working at all the way I thought it would. So I'm going to go in to the Bursar's office on Monday and talk to them. Or rather, I'm going to try and bargain some way out of this mess. I mean, I already have $990 saved up, but there's no way I can make another $600 in a week!

I was expecting all of this to happen like rent does for an apartment or something. Ya know, I don't owe for July until July actually comes?

Mom says she can help me if we have to pay for it all at once, but I hate having to borrow money from her, even if I'll just pay her back in the next month. Damnit damnit damnit.

So now I'm a bit stressed.

Did I mention that my car insurance is due? That's another $220 I'm supposed to be paying my mom since I'd gotten a bunch of stupid tickets.

Oh, and I just put new tires and got the alignment fixed on my car. $287 to the credit card with a 20% interest rate to pay for that sucker.

This wouldn't bother me nearly so much if it was gradual. I mean, I went from having to not pay rent or tuition because it was covered by financial aid to having a whole stack of bills to pay. Shit man, how am I going to pay my phone bill on the 2nd of June? Or my car payment two weeks after that?

Wow. And somehow in the midst of this I am still all uppity and happy.
Go figure.
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Ever have those days where you want to be around people, but everyone you seem to come across just annoys the hell out of you? You find yourself surrounded by all these persons with whom you would usually spend hours on end and yet your only desire is to be away from it all? You shun your responsibilities, but find yourself thinking about how that's all you want to do? I feel that way right now. I don't seem to want to be around anyone. I feel really put off by them. I want to just gather my things and go to an all-night coffee shop, drink my mochas, and write my policy analysis paper for microeconomics (taking breaks from it occasionally to work on some math homework so I don't get burnt out.

My birthday is tomorrow. I wish I had more enthusiasm for it. I mean, I'm excited, but as I don't have any definite plans beyond going to work I don't quite know what to think of the whole charade. Tis a pity, I must say.

I wish I wasn't so far behind in math. It's become even more tedious than it was before. I wish I could still have the opportunity to drop the course, but at this point I wouldn't get a refund on my tuition. Not a good thing. Besides, Mom would surely kill me when she found out I'd wasted loan funding.

I was planning on just waiting until fall to allow for money to buy a laptop but I find myself getting more and more anxious to have one as the days go on. I keep getting on the apple website and drooling over the computer I want. I know, it's pretty damn pathetic. I'm to the point I just want to see how I can get financed for the thing and buy it. That would be nice. The Chad says he will get me a discount because he works at Sun Microsystems so I just need to let him know when I plan on buying. Of course, he's also getting laid off, so if I want to get that 15% discount I need to do it sooner rather than later.

Well then... I think I shall take myself over to the IryshMac's Coffee House now. They make the best mochas of all the places close to campus that I've gone so far.

See ya kids.


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