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So, despite being exhausted and sick I drug myself out of bed this morning to go to my 1000 class. I had only slept for about 4 1/2 hours and then a few blocks from the house (i.e. too late to turn back) I realized that my long sleeved shirt and a sweater was not at all enough to brave the elements effectively. This is the first time I've successfully attempted to make it to this class since last week. The irony? Apparently the class was cancelled for today: there was no one in the classroom. My annoyances at this outcome are inexpressible. It was so damn cold out there.

In other news... club last night was fun with the exception of the weird drink I ended up with (and later exchanged) that made me woozy. Still have no idea what was in that thing, but a few small sips was enough to tell me that I probably couldn't finish it. What I want to know is... where the hell was the good bartender!?!? Eh well. Also wore the boots [ profile] cryptosporidosi gave me ages ago, and surprisingly my feet don't hurt despite lack of arch support. Yay for boots!

I'm now debating about whether to do that 2005 meme that's going around. Maybe later...
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Arrived at the Oontz in a timely manner I would best describe as fashionably late, but it's all good. Had a couple drinks, danced a bit, and talked to some people I ought. Afterwards headed to Denny's, quickly downed a double chocolate shake, and left. Went from there to Green Base and hung around for a bit before I fell asleep in [ profile] projectivehex's bed, who for some reason didn't kick me out when he wanted to sleep and instead opted for the couch. [Wow... that was quite the run on sentence]. Woke up around 1030 and walked home with the haj, wherein we talked about some things that needed to be said. All in all, a well enjoyed club night.

There's more I could add, but I have to work in two hours and ought to take a shower. Catch you kids on the flip side...
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So this is my latest bit of mayhem from everyone's favorite Ooontz.

As per usual, I drank way WAY too much last night. And to those of you who may have found me a bit unbearable, sorry about that. I am obnoxiously happy when I'm drunk. As well as promiscuous...There was much with the kissing and groping on my end, and I have several people to thank for that ([ profile] enthralled323, J. and [ profile] damndirtyzombie in particular). My salutations for a wonderful evening. Unfortunately, despite the lovely evening, I missed the RAM show as well as Collin's set. Which sucks, but I would like to point out that I am not the one to blame. I was ready at 10pm, and everyone else was about 45 minutes later. But, like I've taken to saying of late, so goes the war.

Finished off the night by heading to G's house. Completely bypassed Denny's although we probably shouldn't have due to the fact that it took a bit for things to get going at the after party. But no worries... can't change things now.

So yeah, that was my night in a nutshell. Quite fantastic really. Many thanks to those of you who found it in you to buy me drinks ([ profile] killbox this means you). There you have it. Catch you on the flip side.
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This is why I love my Mac. Hope the rest of you who don't have one are enjoying yourselves living in the computer stone age.

But anyway... in case some of you were wondering, I didn't make it to that computer science class. As if I'm at a loss. I'm sick of listening to some guy go on about how to size and resize a window while I play games online. Gyah.

Dinner last night was fabulous. Thanks to those of you who decided to join! Love you all bunches. Oh, and [ profile] cryptosporidosi, if you want I can bring food next Monday in the form of bean burritos topped with green chili and cheese. Just let me know what you think. Have to defrost some of the green chili that's in the freezer and all if necessary.

Club was also a wonderous experience. Danced my heart out and judging by how much I was sweating I must have been getting a damn good workout. Not that I didn't later last night... But yeah, not too much detail there. All I know is [ profile] intravenousants and I didn't communicate too well because she thought I'd gone home after Denny's and went to the trouble of having [ profile] pvck give me a call around 430am. Too bad my cell phone was in my car. Sorry about that hon! And to pvck, thanks for calling!

Anyhoo... have to work at about 4, so I think I'll go take a shower now. Or maybe a bath... that would be nice and relaxing. Mmm... bath...
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Since I seem to be fighting a bout with insomnia, I figure I'll do this to kill time whilst I continue to increase the amount of music stored on my laptop. I have to admit I was quite disappointed with my club experience this week. For one thing, the smoke machine ran about nonstop to the point that I could hardly breathe to dance more than a song or two. And I was totally in the mood for dancing. The vast majority of Kent's set was very stompy and I couldn't manage to dance to it at all when I could actually breathe. Which sucked.

Denny's was Denny's. 'Nough said.

I'm just shocked at the fact that I wasn't exhausted by 3 and ready to come home. With the exception of an hour or so nap in late morning I've been awake since 8 AM yesterday. For someone who is typically tired after about 18 hours, I'm quite disturbed to think of this.

Perhaps I shall try and sleep instead.
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So tonight is club tonight! Woot. Sarah and I have dressed in some sort of weird 80's garb. I'm proud of myself because for once I'm wearing all my own clothes. Rock on for dress up! And I crimped my hair, so definitely lookin' like a rock star. Gotta love it.

Other than that, wrote something with my friend's magnetic poetry the other day:

solitary girl machine
peach cheeks tingle
livid bound thing
soothe my anatomy
luck rhythm stagger
meager boy blossom
carnival night voice
wicked angel thrill
dance across us

Whatcha think?
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Seriously though. My instructor is moving at a somewhat grueling pace. And it's the first class she's ever taught as a grad student. Geez man, what is up with this? I like the class and I'm learning everything just fine, but still! This is supposed to be the class where I get to slack off and I'm not so sure that's going to happen.

On another school type note, my financial stuff didn't go through processing as soon as it was supposed to, so there's a hold on my account. This is quite annoying considering I need to drop one of my classes. I'm just glad I did the smart thing and signed up for 18 hours initially in case I needed to get rid of one. It all works out. Now if I could just drop the damn class I'd be set.

The job is going pretty good, but I realized yesterday that rent is due in like a week and I've been horribly irresponsible with my spending. I mean, I'll still make it easily, but I need to pay more attention. Otherwise I'm ging to find myself unable to get by. And that would be pathetic considering how much I make vs. how much I need for bills.

Yesterday the apartment complex security left a huge sticker on my car stating that I couldn't park where they told me it was okay to park. What is up with that shit man? So I'm hoping I'll walk home from class this morning and they won't have towed my car or something obnoxious. I do however need to call the city and get one of their street permits apparently. Guess I'll have to get that done sometime today.

Hmm... what else...

Oh yeah, club last night was fantastic. Sometimes there's nothing better than a good flail to make all your problems go away. That is, once you get past all the really REALLY bad music to get to the good stuff. But music is too subjective and I don't feel like going too in depth here. Needless to say, RAM is kick ass. The first CD downloaded onto the computer, if that give you an idea of how much I like the band. Way to go guys!

Club also included meeting and getting acquainted with various people. Hellllooo [ profile] killbox!

Denny's afterwards was absolutely freezing and I spent most of my time outside in the slightly warmer desert air. Ran into Marc also and talked to him. He seems to still be going through his tough times and I'm a bit worried about him. I guess I should interpret this as a reason to go visit him more often than not and sooner rather than later.

But yeah... that's enough rambling for now.
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But I try not to think about it. Especially considering how many guys have treated me like shit in that two weeks before valentines day in the course of my lifetime. I don't want to elaborate here, but needless to say I have a dislike for V-day. At least it doesn't matter too much since I'll be working tonigt anyhow. I just hae to hope they put me in a good section.

Well then, in better news... I got all dressed up on Thursday in my new corset and such and looked like a cross between something out of the Victorian era and A Clockwork Orange. Which was awesome. Trace (one of the guy's from Sarah's band) had this bowler hat that he let me wear. It was awesome. I took pictures too, so if I get them scanned I'll post. We went to Sparky's after party for the Goth Ball and I ran into Drew. Hadn't seen him in weeks so that was awesome. He really likes his new job, but no one ever goes to visit him. I wish I could but I'm usually to busy. I dunno... maybe I'll try and make it sometime next week. That would be cool.

Hmm... I don't remember what else I was going to talk about. I have to go get my laundry anyhow.
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You are a Pixie! Pixies are a race of people who
are not good enough for heaven or bad enough
for hell so they are forced to stay on earth
forever. They often play tricks on people by
stealing things or throwing things at them. At
night they steal horses and bring them back
before dawn leaving only tangled manes to show
they were there. They love dance food and fun!

What Magical Creature are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wow.... I'm really spastic right now. I should be tired, but I'm not. I went to be at four and got up at like 730. Of course, I missed my Algebra class for the second day in a row. Such is life I guess. I went to my prof's office hours though and he let me make up a quiz and such. I'd say I'm doing pretty well in there. The concepts are slowly coming back to me now... If I could just get things set up the way he wants to see them I'd be set. Gyah!

I saw Jonathan today in the SUB and we chatted for a bit about work and people that we know and such. It made for good conversation. He's like a brother to me. Sometimes I wonder what I'd do without the guy. He helps me keep my ridiculous emotions in check.

So tonight is the Gothic Ball at the pulse. Sarah still doesn't have an ID, so we'll probably just hit the after party, which is cool because I don't have class tomorrow morning and I don't work until the evening. So I can have one hell of a good time and be able to sleep in on Friday. Woo hoo!

Hmm... I have so much more that I want to write, but it's time to get my butt to Jazz History.

Will add more later I'm sure.

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I am all gothed out right now! I'm wearing a corset that I bought as well as the bottom half of what was originally a royal blue formal gown. Yay for Sarah's innate talent to modify clothing!! I've got the make-up done and the hair done and everything. I feel so damn hot. Yay. Though I must admit I doubt I could do this all the time. I'm told I look good, but it's not really me, know what I mean? Still fun. Sarah and I are going to an after party later tonight. We had talked about going to club but Sarah can't find her ID (for like the last 3 months) and the doorman has said he will no longer let her in without it. But yeah... still going to the party.

Hmm... I went to the Bursar's office and got back the rest of the money I was supposed to have access to for my books. I deposited it in my checking account earlier today and later when I've got my checkbook handy I'll make a payment to Capital One online to cover the cost of my books. I also tried to go return one of my books (because Christine has a copy since we're taking the class together and she gets her books for free), but got to the bookstore after it closed this evening. Better luck tomorrow I guess.

Other than that, no particularly new news. I'm going for a corset fitting tomorrow. I LOVE the one I already have, but it's got plastic boning and hence it bows. So I'm going to this place called Xcentricities to be fitted for a corset with Steel boning. After all, "if it ain't steel, it ain't real." So yeah, excited about that.

My head kind of hurts... my hair is really tight. I'll make sure to get some pictures taken and see if I can't get them on the net eventually.

Well then... see ya kids.


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