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I tried to find you some awesome video on youtube, but had unsatisfactory results. So instead, you just get words.

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] dj_twig and [ profile] julian_wolf!!!

Many happy returns!

Oh yeah...

Jan. 7th, 2008 01:38 pm
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] enthralled323!!!

And since I probably won't be singing to you in a towel this year...

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Happy Birthday [ profile] ferrousoxide!!!

Many happy returns.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] lordabigor!!!
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I found a sexy lady to sing to you!
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You gets a video.

Because I am video posting fiend today.
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I give you a bigger, better Birthday Song!

Complete with nightmare trees, flying babies, and more!!!


Sep. 9th, 2007 05:22 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] pixie_of_spite!!!!

Have a song... because I love it!

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Happy Birthday [ profile] _beren_ and [ profile] killbox!!!
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For those of you who haven't followed the developments of this post...

There shall be pre-party eating at Copelands at 5 PM. That would be the one off Coors near the mall, if I'm not mistaken...

Yum yum foodness. Come along kids!
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Let it be known that he has decided to throw me a birthday party... because it's my birthday, and because he hasn't thrown a party in a while. So all you kids that's been buggin' him about party-going...

When: THIS Saturday. March 10, 2007 @ 9ish

Where: La casa de [ profile] zer0_nine and [ profile] projectivehex

Bring: Booze and foods!

Why: Cause all the cool kids is doin' it! And, ya know, there's nothing like a good night of movies, video games, booze, and naked hottubbing to celebrate me getting older.

So yeah... PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! Bring yourself and your friends!
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By the way, Happy Birthday [ profile] ikeru!!!! I almost forgot to mention it.
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Ever have those days where you want to be around people, but everyone you seem to come across just annoys the hell out of you? You find yourself surrounded by all these persons with whom you would usually spend hours on end and yet your only desire is to be away from it all? You shun your responsibilities, but find yourself thinking about how that's all you want to do? I feel that way right now. I don't seem to want to be around anyone. I feel really put off by them. I want to just gather my things and go to an all-night coffee shop, drink my mochas, and write my policy analysis paper for microeconomics (taking breaks from it occasionally to work on some math homework so I don't get burnt out.

My birthday is tomorrow. I wish I had more enthusiasm for it. I mean, I'm excited, but as I don't have any definite plans beyond going to work I don't quite know what to think of the whole charade. Tis a pity, I must say.

I wish I wasn't so far behind in math. It's become even more tedious than it was before. I wish I could still have the opportunity to drop the course, but at this point I wouldn't get a refund on my tuition. Not a good thing. Besides, Mom would surely kill me when she found out I'd wasted loan funding.

I was planning on just waiting until fall to allow for money to buy a laptop but I find myself getting more and more anxious to have one as the days go on. I keep getting on the apple website and drooling over the computer I want. I know, it's pretty damn pathetic. I'm to the point I just want to see how I can get financed for the thing and buy it. That would be nice. The Chad says he will get me a discount because he works at Sun Microsystems so I just need to let him know when I plan on buying. Of course, he's also getting laid off, so if I want to get that 15% discount I need to do it sooner rather than later.

Well then... I think I shall take myself over to the IryshMac's Coffee House now. They make the best mochas of all the places close to campus that I've gone so far.

See ya kids.
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At least I can't say anything particularly negative. I feel good about my body lately. And myself as a person. It's a very pleasurable standpoint. Hope it lasts.

So my birthday is on Wednesday and they actually got my requested schedule right. So I work during the day and then I'm off at night. I also got the week of spring break off that I asked for. Which is awesome. I think the people at work are expecting me to go to Denver because that was my original plan, but I'm actually going home to Farmington. I'm quite excited to see my family, as a matter of fact. It'll be nice to just go home, eat the nice home-cookin' and chill for a while. Maybe I'll get to see some of the hometown friends too. That would be cool.

Hmm... I can't wait for my birthday. I'm so ready to be done with the whole teenager thing. I feel the need for a new stage in my life to begin. And I think it's close.

Well then... I need to try and go to sleep now since I've got a ton of work tomorrow.

I hope things stay this way, truly do.


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