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Neither American nor Great!

Today shall be stew day. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please refer to this entry. Based on the awesome and incredible list of suggestions I have received from my faithful cooking comrades, I'm thinking I may end up with two separate stews! It's going to be excellent!

At this point, I have no idea what exactly I'll end up with from this exciting experiment in learning to cook new things, but I'm excited about it. Naturally, I intend to tell you all what I did. And then a week from now I'll tell you whether it was good enough that [ profile] thine_eyes ate it.

Anyhoo... that is all I really have to report today. It's XMAS eve, and I'm sitting around trying to figure out how I'll make stew to pass the time until my brother-in-law gets in at midnight. Then we will drive to Farmington either in the middle of the night or tomorrow morning (depending on the weather and the potential for black ice).
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To Whom It May Concern:

Herein lies the compilation of my XMAS list (a.k.a. #thingsiwantforxmas). So yeah, if you are intending to get me something and don't know what I'd want, here is a convenient reference for you.

stove top whistling tea kettle
Batman cookie jar
an invite to google wave
wine cork
tennis ball thrower for the dog
plastic martini glasses
Oreck clean air filter
the Complete Magic Bullet Express System
My Neighbor Totoro on dvd
Mad Max trilogy on dvd
quality paring knife or full set of kitchen knives
Battlestar Gallactica complete dvd-ography
Fantastic Adventures of Unico dvd
Unico and the Island of Magic dvd
a new pool cue (21 oz.)
up on dvd
apc membership
a gift certificate to the iTunes Store
a coffee grinder (where the ground up bits are separable from the grindy bits)

I should also point out that it may be useful for you all to talk amongst yourselves in order to avoid repetition (particularly as regards big-ticket items), since I wouldn't want anything to feel like a waste.

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Hooray for GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!

Make the fucking winter go away. Please, for the love of... groundhogs?


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