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This was written for me several years ago. It was the night I met Miko and Christina at Blue Dragon Coffee House. I had stepped outside for a cigarette while the two nonsmokers I was with continued their conversation. It's nice to reminisce... I can still picture the moon, the little tables with their mismatched chairs that littered the slim patio of that place, the golden light from the windows inside that lit the table. Much of the carefree attitude of that night is lost, but the recollection is what keeps us friends despite whatever changes we have wrought upon ourselves in the following years. Oh, memories.

(for Mandy Peck)
by Miko

Amongst others that I've completely missed,
Or forgotten, or felt at least for a moment and selfishly
Abandoned in preference of blame and angst,

I met you tonight, and wanted to wake up upon realization
Of what you did for me -

Tonight, you walked by, and I remembered that,
I couldn't keep my eyes from you,
And you came so to our table,
Continuing to sit while we became

Green and white and orange, and another color -
I do forget,
Sumerian symbols of our stars
And the hunger for transcribing something other
Than ourselves,
The cuts of your eyes and their particular slants
That feminize the difficult and masculate the effortless
Sitting with you kept me on the edge
Of my breath,
And you were so golden
About being alive,
I wanted to take you away right there,
Maybe to the peak of Sandia,
Or, to the next moment we were to have...

A month ago I write this, and at the same moment,
I've done only one thing in my life for the full
Cycle of our Viscous Moon,
And wanted to include you
In my effort to share a life.


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