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Well... it'd be a good thing I'm already pretty nocturnal, since the sun would be gone and all. Talk about changing the world: we'd be living in a much less gore, much more bore version of Pitch Black where the sun doesn't come up again several days later (i.e. never). I felt compelled to answer this on the basis of such an oversight in concepts... did the person who submitted this question forget that the major construct of time was the thing that is the basis for life on this planet?

Date: 2010-10-21 01:14 pm (UTC)
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I misread the intent of the question too, and equally misanswered with my [ profile] dibisblocked profile. The question is not asking about if time measurement apparati or time itself didn't exist, but if you could destroy all current instruments of its measurement. They are here right now--gone tomorrow.

The simplest case being that somebody'd just rebuild them while the world would go apeshit for a few hours and piss and moan and maybe even kill you for doing it, but the event itself being quickly forgotten and insignificant in the entire, heh, "history of time". But if you could somehow curse the world so that all measurements of time were inaccurate for the REST of time, then you're really fucking up some major mental, emotional, civil, social, and world infrastructure, and for what? So that you get temporary relief from a deadline or some shit? What a selfish question.



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