Jul. 24th, 2013

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About the jobs and the whatnot and the hey hey, I mean. If you're not sure to what I'm referring, see the last post I made.

The next part of my job hunt took place on a Tuesday afternoon. The next thing I did as far as the job stuffs was to write out a sort of form cover letter that would serve as the body of the emails I was sending to all the job people. I used this to format each of the emails I was sending out. Then I began the tedium of the copy/paste, the inserting of the appropriate contact information, resume PDF attachments, etc. etc. ad nauseum. I sent out eleven emails for thirteen jobs (two of my emails were for multiple positions at the same school). Then I took a deep breath, said a little something to the job gods, and walked away from my computer.

An hour later I got a phone call for an interview on Wednesday. I went in that next day, and had what I thought was a fairly decent interview. The principal told me she couldn't offer me a job right then, but to wait for a call some time in the next day or two. Apparently, the school district doesn't send out all the information; principals get a list of names when people apply for jobs and then have to go to the district offices to see all the application materials.

I spent all day Thursday waiting for the phone call that didn't come.

Somewhere in there I guess I forgot that she said a day or two. I got the job offer phone call late on Friday morning. Of course I accepted, because this was after all the job I wanted the most. Of all the thirteen jobs I applied for, I got the one that I wanted more than all the others! I was thrilled! I spent most of Friday afternoon that week doing the bureaucratic runaround filing documents and filling out paperwork. There's still some stuff to do as far as all that goes, but it's just the usual new-hire benefits paperwork and training whatnots.

So yeah, I guess I must both look good on paper and interview well because I sent out a resume, interviewed, and got a job in a week's time. Booyah bitches!

This News Update brought to you by the Job Market. It's a jungle out there! You're listening to KMND Radio, where it's All Mandy, All the Time. Thanks for tuning in.


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